Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Day 5

The kids had been begging to go to the outside pool. I tried to tell them the water would be too cold to swim,but of course they said it would be fine. It is an ordeal to get 5 kids ready to go swimming. First you have to find all of the swim suits.Then you have to gather towels and swim toys. After that I have to apply a ton of sunscreen since I have these pale red headed children…lol. By the time you get all of that finished it has been a good 30 minutes and I haven’t even gotten dressed myself! We finally made it to the pool and they were people they.Now, none of them were crazy enough to get in the water.They were just laying out and getting some sun. Of course our kids jump in and jumped out just as fast! That water was so cold it was taking their breath away! I just love how kids think mama’s don’t know anything:) We then had to move all of our things to the indoor pool since the water was probably 50 degrees!

Later that evening we went to Margaritaville for dinner. The kids did great considering the wait was a hour!











McCrakensx4 said...

That is too boys never believe me about the water temp either! Love Margaritaville...yummy!

Alicia said...

LOL about the water!! And all that trouble you went through to get them there in the first!

Love the pictures, like always! I always feel like I'm right there with you! :)

Summer said...

love the Kain's face in the group pic at Margaritaville :)