Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365



I love these candles from bath and Body Works!



Muffins for Mom with Noah



Hat day at school









I am participating in the 2010 Mommytography 365 Project!Hopefully this will get me out shooting my camera more and learning new things with it!

To join in on the fun please visit Mommytography Project 365!

Winter Weather

The alert had been put out and all the milk in the county was gone.Everyone was getting prepared for the HUGE winter storm that was going to hit the Upstate.They {weathermen} had predicted up to 4 - 6 inches in our area.Well, once again most of us were letdown.

Luckily, we live north of 85.For some reason that is the line where the rain turns into snow.That road determines if you will get mud puddles or snowmen.Not sure why, but that's just how it always is.

We didn't get very much snow, but a lot of ice. As I am typing this {Saturday night} it has started snowing again. We have a very steep drive, and it is almost impossible to get out in winter weather. So it looks like we will be here all weekend.


The kids were ready to go out first thing this morning,but I made them wait. They
really don't care if it's ice or snow as long as they can pick it up.


We even got Lucy out in the snow/ice with us.


We broke out the infamous "sled" that we used last year.

You can look at this post to see what we used:)






Now this may sound crazy but I have always used the packaged hot chocolate.Well, I decided I wanted to try to make some "real" cocoa.Oh my gosh! I will never use that packaged stuff again.This cocoa was like drinking liquid chocolate.I'm sure it's not good for your waist line but who really cares on snow days:)




Around 7:30 I got a burst of energy and asked the kids if they wanted to go sledding.Well, of course they said yes! We found a great hill that was completely ice across the street.We all had a great time!








Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cruise wrap up

It's kinda funny that I am writing the ending of this tropical vacation with the snow falling outside my window:)

The last full day of the cruise we just hung out and sat in on a few classes.

The first was a towel folding class.You know those cute animals that they make and put on your bed? Well, you too can learn how to do most people can,but as you can see from the confusion on my face,I was having issues.

Cruise 278

A few of us girls took a line dancing class.Not sure I will be doing that anytime soon:)

Then we sat on the boat deck and just gazed out at the beautiful water.

Cruise 121

If you knew how to play chess they had a huge set.

Cruise 123

OK,now this is Erwin with Corey. He found Corey the first day of the cruise.Erwin was mesmerized with Corey's red goatee.He even asked if Corey painted it. Everyday when we saw Erwin he would stop what he was doing to come and shake Corey's hand.They were great friends by the end of the cruise:)

Cruise 247

On the last night they had a deck party and we decided to check it out.

Cruise 249

Yes, this is the conga line and we are in the front! It was really fun seeing all my friends dancing,even Corey got in on the action.We did the Electric Slide,Cha Cha and the Cupid Shuffle (my personal favorite).

Cruise 258

After the dancing was finished they had a midnight Mexican buffet.I was too hot to eat from all that dancing but I did take one picture. This was made out of watermelon and a few other fruits.

Cruise 270

Despite the rocky start we had a FABULOUS time!!I loved spending time with Corey and our wonderful friends.Can't wait to see where we vacation (kid free) next year,but I am pretty sure it won't be a!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothing better

than homemade pizzas


Align Center003

a good movie


and milkshakes made by dad!





Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can't you just get along?

Why oh why must they fight everyday?He tells on her and she screams bloody murder.I do believe she will be an award winning actress one day.

Does it do anyone any good for her to have a complete meltdown because he touched her shirt?As soon as they walk in from school it starts.

Well I have had ENOUGH!So they other day I told them they were going to get along and work together no matter what.They were to hold hands until I told them they could let go.Noah was fine with it but Zoe cried so hard she couldn't breathe.They walked the dog together,and put up there school things as a team.When it was time to get Kain from school I told them they could stop.As soon as Kain got in the car Zoe started crying again while she told him,"We had to hold hands for our punishment!!!"

Who would have thought this would be the punishment that just might work?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 4~ Updated:)

Welcome to Cozumel, Mexico!!!

We were already standing in line at 7:30am to get off the boat, but of course there was another short delay.When we finally got off it was just beautiful!The water was so clear you could see the fish swimming around.

Cruise 140

We finally were able to get a group picture!!!

I also caught them raising the Mexican flag.

Cruise 143

We wanted to do a little shopping before we went on our excursion.I have to say I was a little disappointed in the shopping.I had imagined these beautiful open aired markets with handmade stuff.You know "real" Mexican stuff.It kinda reminded me of the beach.You know you go into all those stores and they have the same cheap stuff but different prices?Well,that's what I thought about the shopping in Cozumel.We didn't really go too far back into the city, so maybe that's where all the good stuff was.

Cruise 165

Cruise 153

Cruise 164

Cruise 235

Cruise 233

Cruise 183

Cruise 178-1

I think this is my favorite picture of the trip:)

Cruise 188

We had wanted to go and lay out on the beach.So we found an excursion to Playa Mia.It included a Mexican buffet {that did not have 1 Mexican dish on it.I mean, they had chicken nuggets and mac n cheese}, bottled water,sodas and use of the water toys.The water was a little chilly but it felt good afterward.

Cruise 232

Cruise 204

Cruise 184

Cruise 182

Now seriously, would you get a Tattoo in a place that looked like this?

Cruise 161

Cruise 240

We heard stories of people missing the boat and wanted to see if it really happens.So we went to the top deck to check it out.They had told us to be back on the boat at 5:30 but we were not leaving till 6.Well of course we got on EARLY. I was not about to get left in Mexico. It was about 5:50 and they started untying the boat ,and guess what? We see a couple coming through customs,which is still a little bit away.Once they got on the pier they were running as fast as they could while all of us on the boat were yelling "Run"!!!! Talk about cutting it close!

Cruise 246