Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 1

The day had finally come for us to head off on our kid-free cruise.We had been counting down for weeks .We all met up at 3:30am on Saturday .We wanted to get an early start so we wouldn't get caught in traffic, and miss the boat.Oh, if we only knew!

Cruise 003

Welcome to Alabama

We finally arrive in Mobile around 11:30 which was great since we could start boarding at noon.When we were pulling up to the parking garage there was a lady handing out papers.Well the guys drove right past her thinking she was selling something.I rolled the window down and heard "The ship has not arrived and we are not sure when it is." What?? We were then directed to the Civic Center which would become our home for 12 hours. Yes, you read it right..12 LONG hours. After we got to the civic center we checked in and were told to go get some lunch and come back at 3pm. Well we did as we were told and went to eat. Little did we know that eating would be the theme of our

Cruise 005

We found a pizza place that was very good. Oh, did I forget to mention we were walking in the rain? And it was cold too!

Cruise 008

We got back at the Civic center to be told they still didn't know when the ship would arrive. The boat was not able to get into the channel and then after it did enter it takes 3 hours to get to the port.Then you have to wait for the people that are on the cruise to disembark and the crew to get ready for us.

So instead of sailing the beautiful seas our first day of vacation we did this...

Cruise 014

Cruise 010

Cruise 017

Cruise 012

Finally around 1 am we were on the board and headed straight for the buffet since we hadn't eaten in hours.

Cruise 020

I would love to say the next day was better but for some of us it wasn't.There will be more on that tomorrow.


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh girl I am so sorry...I was giggling just a little at this post. So so sorry. Now I am scared to read tomorrow's post. I hope you all got a free cruise out of it.

Tracy said...

Oh man! Wish I would have known...I live in Mobile! I could have come and met you!!! :) Hope the trip went well, after you boarded!

I have cruised on that boat and we loved it!

Alicia said...

Oh man!!! That totally bites!!

LOL @ the Lysol can!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh what a crazy way to start what is supposed to be a fun vaca....hope it gets better! I am ready to read all about it...cruising is so much fun!