Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to the Teen Years!

Now I can officially say I am parent of a teenager! I know I say it all the time ,but it is hard to believe that Kain is now 13! We celebrated his birthday in Nashville. Kain wanted to eat at Hard Rock Café,and that is what we did.






I even let him order off the adult menu:)




Which ended up being way too much food!






Of course it wouldn’t be a birthday without a little embarrassment! The waitress asked Kain to walk in the middle of the place,and he was already dying! She then yelled to the WHOLE restaurant telling them it was his birthday and to wish him a Happy Birthday! 



After dinner he wanted to go play laser tag. So we found a place,and everyone played while me ,and Jennifer rested.





Kain came in second place!

As for presents what do 13 year old boys want?

The number one thing he wanted was a Facebook page! So I set him one up. I do believe he posted a status saying he had the best birthday ever!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheer Nationals @Opryland


  On December 29 & 30th Zoe had her very first cheer competition in Nashville, TN.We all went since everyone was out of school,and it would be Kain’s birthday while we were gone. Our friends the Glovers came with us,and we had a great time.The competition was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I would say it was a small town instead of a hotel. You could spend your whole vacation there IF you had enough money!


  We got up extra early on Thursday so I would have plenty of time to do Zoe’s hair,and make up. I actually was pretty proud at how well her hair did. We ate breakfast, took a few pictures,and headed over on the shuttle. Corey stayed with our boys today while Jennifer went with me. I knew the boys would be so bored watching a bunch of cheerleaders. Then on Friday Corey went,and saw what all the fuss was about:) The girls did AWESOME!!! I was one proud mama!





Welcome to……




We had to be there about 2 hours before they perform. They practice during this time,and just hang out together.



The coaches were having a ugly sweater contest. I think Cade won…lol. Allie is the coach for the Kitty Kats (Zoe’s team),and Cade is Zoe’s tumbling coach.

















Way to go KITTY KATS!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kitty Kat showcase


     This year Zoe is on the Kitty Kat competition cheer team at Carolina.This is our first year in the cheer world. There is so much to learn,but Zoe is having a blast. She couldn’t even do a cartwheel when we started ( 6 months ago),and now she almost has her back hand spring!  She has loved it so far,and we are just now getting into the competition season. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for mama ,but as long as she likes it we will stick with it. We leave tomorrow for Nashville to compete in the Opryland Cheer Nationals! Last week the gym did a showcase where family,and friends could come see the girls perform.Plus it gave the girls a chance to perform in front of a crowd.  The girls did so good,and it got all of us excited about the upcoming competitions!



I am not too thrilled about the make up they have to wear,but I do know that the bright lights really make you look washed out.






We looked out,and all the girls were praying! No one told them to they just wanted too. Zoe said they each took turns praying out loud:)









Let’s go Kitty Kats!!

Christmas with the Brain

Last night we had our “brain” get together. We picked Longhorn for dinner which was a HUGE mistake! We placed the to go order,and they told us 30 minutes. Well it was well over a hour before it was ready. Plus when we got it back to the house there was something wrong with almost all the food. R called ,and we are suppose to get a gift card,but we will see. Despite the food mishap we had a great time. We played the white elephant game,and ended up with some special gifts…lol.  I got a very nice fleece blanket,a unique picture frame,and Corey got a FSU hat. We were having so much fun no one thought to take any pictures! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Y’all!!!
I am feeling much better after well deserving nap. Corey,and I stayed up until 12:30 am on Christmas Eve/ Christmas morning. At 2:00 am Zoe came in my room saying her tooth was about to come out. Needless to say she never went back to sleep. She laid in our bed tossing,and turning. Finally the alarm clock went off at 4:30 so we could shower,and start breakfast before the in-laws came over. Santa wrapped all of our presents this year,but I am sure he won’t be doing that again!

The kids we so excited to start unwrapping everything.  I love the excitement that they have waiting to see if they got that special gift. Zoe had hoped for a American Girl, Noah a bearded dragon ( yes a real one),and Kain wanted a Kindle. They had finished opening all the gifts,and Noah still didn’t have a bearded dragon. But wait….Santa had left a note in his stocking saying he had to leave one present upstairs:)


Christmas_Day_2011-4     Christmas_Day_2011-9

Christmas_Day_2011-10  Christmas_Day_2011-5
Christmas_Day_2011-11  Christmas_Day_2011-21



After a great morning we headed to church to celebrate our Savior’s birth! This was our first time going to church on Christmas,and it felt extra special. The kids got to go up with Pastor DJ,and give an offering to Lottie Moon. They also sang Happy Birthday Jesus! Before they gave the offering Zoe prayed in front of the WHOLE church. No fear in that girl,but mama felt like I was going to throw  we have had such a blessed Christmas,and have enjoyed spending it with family,and friends!


Well we actually made it through the Advent calendar. It was fun,and we did a lot of family things this Christmas. I am glad we stuck to it even on those long days when all we wanted to do was go to bed. We can look bad on some great memories. We will be doing it next year for sure!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Reason to Celebrate





My friend, Jill, had this on her Facebook status ,and I wanted to share it. 

“I love the anticipation and excitement of Christmas Eve. I wonder how our Father must have felt on the first Christmas Eve knowing the gift He was about to give the world.”

Before the kids went to bed we read out of the book of Luke. We read about the greatest gift we have,or could ever receive. I don’t want to get all caught up the material part of Christmas,and remember that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. I am so excited about going to church tomorrow.  This will be the first time that our family has ever gone to church on Christmas. I know it will be a very special time.

Merry Christmas everyone!