Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mobile Meals





During the Christmas season it is so easy for us to get all wrapped up in receiving rather than giving. So today we volunteered to deliver for Mobile Meals.


It was our first time,and I was little nervous about going to peoples homes. When we walked in first thing I noticed is that all of the volunteers were elderly. I mean if they can get out and do this everyday we should be able to make it through one day! The lady showed us how to pack our cooler. We were delivering 19 meals to 17 locations. That seemed like a lot to me. And the neighborhood we were going to was somewhere I have never been. It is not one of the nicer places in town. I will admit I was a little scared when I found out where we were going. Some one had donated poinsettias so we loaded those up too. When we got in the car we said a little prayer asking for God to use us as a blessing,and not to let my fear get in the way. Once we arrived in the apartment complex I never felt scared again. The kids loved knocking on the doors,and giving the sweet people their meal.  The people loved seeing the kids too.  It was definitely something we will be doing again.



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Alicia said...

That is so awesome!! I think I would have felt the same way as you at first. Wow..what a blessing though!! I bet you all left on cloud nine afterward! You blessed so many people that day!!