Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kain's Birthday Dinner

Kain wanted to go to Bronco's for his birthday dinner. We all love Mexican food so there was no argument about that. We had 20 people in all. I think it turned out pretty good.

Kain,Karson,Noah and Andrew

"Mom please stop taking my pictures"

But Kain your the birthday boy!

"I want some cake"

It's just not the same without a little drama

Posted by PicasaThis cake tasted so good!

Noah with Uncle Timmy . Can you guess what team they like?

He did not want me taking his picture! But he is only 10 once!

He better get use to it. I'll be taking the pictures when he's on his first date.

Which will be a LONG time from now!

I hope all his wishes come true!

It took him two blows to get all those candles!

Posted by PicasaMy crazy husband,our SIL Laura and his brother Timmy

My best friend Melissa with her girls Marissa and Haley

Our nephew Draven

Noah,Pop,Grandma,Uncle Brandon,Draven and Aunt Tiffany

Posted by PicasaZachary and Mrs.Summer

An idog...thanks Uncle Timmy, Aunt Laura and Aidan

Wow 2 remote control cars...thanks Uncle Brandon,Draven and Aunt Tiffany

He wasn't as surprised as I wanted him to be. I mean it's a PSP!!!!

Posted by PicasaGrandma and Pop got me a lot of games...thank you!!
Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate Kain's big day!!

Happy Birthday Kain!

Even as I write this I still can't believe that my baby is 10 ! Now he is considered to be in the pre teen phase. Um nope...there is no way my baby is pre teen. It feels like it was just yesterday that he was born. He was suppose to be a January baby but he was ready to enter the world. So here are 10 random things about Kain.

1. He is very compassionate ,caring and very sensitive. He worries way too much about stuff. If Noah or Zoe cries he comforts them and sometimes he gets upset too.

2. He is a people pleaser and wants to make everyone happy. If you need something done just ask him. He loves helping out at school and at church.

3. Kain loves football. His favorite teams are Clemson and the Carolina Panthers!

4. He is a hard worker and tries really hard in school.

5. He is the reason Corey and I started going to church. He was going to Awana at another church with a friend. I picked him up one day and the teacher said that Kain had asked God to come into his life. He was baptised at that church too. I had been feeling a need to find us a church and this was the push we needed. It wasn't the same church but we found a wonderful place.

6. He has had 5 hospital stays. If it's gonna happen it will happen to him. He had to go to MUSC to have a scan on his eye. He was born without an optic nerve so he is blind in 1 eye. Had tubes put in twice in his ears. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. Then he had to have his appendix removed. Yes a lot of this is minor things but he has a Factor 9 deficiency which means he bleeds more than others. So we had to be in the hospital of each of these "minor" things.

7. He is a mini me of his father. That is where the comedian in him comes from.

8. Kain still lets Noah sleep with him when he asks. He would never admit it but he likes Noah sleeping beside him. They are very close even though they fight like cats and dogs sometimes.

9. Kain did not get his first tooth till he was 11 months. I never thought he was gonna have teeth.
10. He loves to say that he gonna be a two digit number. You would think he's able to drive or something!

Happy 10th birthday Kain! You are growing into the wonderful young man God wants you to be!
Mama,Daddy,Noah and Zoe

Right after his 1st bath
December 30th,1998

His first beach trip 07/99

His 2nd birthday...his 1st birthday he wouldn't get near the cake...to messy for him

Posted by PicasaHolding his baby brother Noah while watching TV

He was such a happy baby

Daddy and his mini me

He loves animals

Posted by PicasaAlways the teacher

I don't know why but he has always been afraid of water. This was typhoon lagoon at Disney

He's ready to play ball.

This was the tonsil hospital trip.

Posted by PicasaKain and Noah have always had a party together. Their birthdays are 9 days apart.

He loves playing football too!
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Not ME! Monday

Guess what? It's Monday and you know what that means!

I'm not sure if MckMama will have the time to do a Not Me. Stellan is really sick and they had quite a scare! But you can still check out her blog...it's wonderful!

So it's time for me to list the many things that most certainly did not do this week.

1. I did not drop my camera while taking pictures of my kids baking.Then I definitely did not call my husband crying telling him I had broke my camera. I did not break my lens and it was not my Christmas present. I am very careful with my things especially my camera. I would never get so excited about taking pictures of my kids that I got careless. Nope not me!

2. I did not have to stay up to midnight Christmas eve still wrapping presents. I am never this late at getting things done (really I'm not).

3. I did not stay up late every night just to make sure I posted a new blog entry. Nope I am not addicted to my blog and I can stay off of it for more than 1 day. Not!

4. My kids did not wake up at 1:30 am Christmas morning begging to open their gifts that Santa had left. We ( hubby and I) did not give in and get out of the bed. I did not edit all the pictures that had my hubby in them because he did not look like something from Night of the Living Dead.

5. I did not let them eat Christmas candy at 1:30 in the morning. Nope, I would never let them do that.

6. I did not send my husband to a birthday party with the kids while I went on a girls night out.
I did not have an awesome time just sitting,eating and chatting!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

100th Post and Christmas morning!!!

First I need to tell you that this is my 100th post! I Love my blog and reading everyone elses.
I hope to have many more.
Now on to the good stuff. I finally got in bed around midnight cause you know there's so much to get done. About 1:00 Zoe comes to my bed telling me that Santa has been to our house. She says she sees her pink bear. I tell her to go back to bed and we will see it in the morning. Well I fall back a sleep and it wasn't 30 minutes later Kain was in my room. "Mama,mama wake up Santa has came." Zoe had went in and woke up Noah who then went and woke up Kain. So at 1:30 this morning Corey and I crawl out of the bed to go and see what the big guy had brought.

He had eaten almost all of the cookies and had left the kids a note.

They must have been good because there were quite a few presents under the tree.

First we see what is in the stockings! Noah is so happy to just get crayons.

Zoe is dumping hers all out.

I just love the looks on their faces.

I think he is very happy.

This is the only thing she really asked for.

Yea...I got my art set.

Air Hogs helicopters sets . Those things have been flying around the house all morning.

Dance Dance Revolution

"This is what I have been waiting on my whole life"

"Do my lips look pretty?"

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Oh yeah!!!
The other day Kain was saying he wanted a MP3 player.Well Zoe said she wanted one too and Kain told her she was too young for it. So I was kidding and told Kain that he was also to young. "Mom I'm about to be 2 digit numbers!"( he will be 10 next week)

Oh did I forget to mention that I cook breakfast for the whole family Christmas morning? Everyone gets to my house around 7am. I started this tradition Kain's first Christmas. We have the same casserole too. It's sausage,eggs,grits and cheese all together. Yummy.

Everyone wanted to try the dancing mat out.

"I am now a mommy too!"

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This is daddy's job...undoing all the packages.

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Merry Christmas !!!!!