Friday, December 5, 2008

New York Day 4

Saturday was the day the kids were sick. They still wanted to go out. Because this was the day we were going shopping and to see Santa. Noah did fine and didn't get sick any more that day.Well I can't say the same for Zoe. We were walking down the sidewalk and Zoe threw up every where.Luckily no one was standing in front of her. Then she says "I feel so much better now.Can I have a hamburger?" After we got that all cleaned up we went to the Disney store.

This was the biggest Disney store I have seen. It was 4 or 5 floors and very crowded.

But they were having some good sales!

This man really did look like a statue!

We went to Macy's to see Santa. This is the train conductor giving Zoe her ticket. He punched it 6 times and said it is good for 75 years!
We had to have it to get on the train to head to the North Pole.

I know Noah doesn't look sick here.But he was such a trooper!

Some of the helpers making sure we got on the train in time!

We made it!

Not long now.

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Kain asked Santa for those Bakugan things.
I hope he brings Kain some cause mama can't find any!

Zoe asked for a pink teddy bear and princess stuff.

Noah asked Santa for an art set.

Then we went back to Bryant Park so I could find a prize for the giveaway.

So we rode the carousal.

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Jennifer said...

Ok, I have never had a desire to go to NY esp around Thanksgiving time BUT after looking at all these pics and hearing about the trip esp the train ride to the North Pole I want to go now... Thank you for sharing.. If I ever can talk Eric into it you will have to give me the run down on where and what to do...

Alicia said...

You took such great pictures!!!!!!!! I am really enjoying reading about your trip!!

He And Me + 3 said...

What great fun...they sure were troopers. Who can stay sick in NYC. Beautiful pics and what a magical time.

Stephanie said...

That is so neat...I have never seen anything like that for visiting Santa..wish they did that here!