Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Hey it's the place where a kid can be a kid! And parents can pretend to still be kids. So that is where Zoe picked to have her party! We had a great time and she got alot of cute stuff !
Thank you for coming and helping us celebrate!
The Princess Cake ( wish I could say I made it but nope not me)

Her daddy got these made at work. The were too cute. We used it as a table cloth.

May all your wishes come true

Her BFF Haley ( to the left) and her cousin Draven (to the right) helped open all of her gifts.

Brynn testing out her driving skillsThis was one of the new games
Noah and Karson

OK so I'm not sure who is who. I still can not tell them apart.Sorry!

Braeden ,Brycen and Karson

My BFF Melissa and her girls Marissa and Haley
Uncle Timmy and Mr. Brad playing Deal or No Deal

Mr. Brandon and Addie

Aunt Laura and Aidan ( his 1st Chuck E Cheese trip)
Kain and Andrew

Noah with too much sugar

Zachary getting ready to race


Alicia said...

LOL @ the comment about Noah w/ too much sugar!!

Looks like a fun party, and looks like Chuck E. Cheese was not too packed!!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

OH..and loved the cake!

Summer Martin said...

Thank you for inviting us we had so much fun:) I can't believe how few people were there. Perfect night to go!

He And Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Again! I know that she had a fun time. All the pictures scream FUN! My son loves Chuck E Cheese.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics and the cake looks great!!!! Noah definitely looks like he feels better!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful time!!

Lisa said...

Oh Wow, I love that cake!! Hope she enjoyed herself. Uh Yeah, you can see the sugar all over Noah and his face... he looks like he had a major overload (lol).

Jennifer said...

That was a beautiful cake...

Rhonda said...

The cake was beautiful!! I hate we couldn't come!

Summer Laney said...

I am glad Zoe had a great party!! Thanks for inviting us!