Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Today is Zoe's birthday. She's now 5 years old. Wow, where does the time go? I thought since she was 5 I would write five things about her.

1. Zoe is a social butterfly. She has never meet a stranger in her life. She loves talking to everyone. Zoe lights up the room when she enters it. She loves drawing pictures for All her friends at school.

2. Zoe loves to learn new stuff. Whether it's at school or at church. She loves to read her books in her room. She writes long letters to her friends. And she knows what they say. She's a fast learner so she catches on quick. Zoe loves all of her teachers.

3. Zoe loves to sing. She has a precious voice and will entertain you anywhere. She believes the louder you sing the better it sounds. This is sometimes true but in most cases it's not. She sings in the shower and before she goes to bed. I'm surprised she doesn't sing at school.

4. Zoe is a great sister. She loves her brothers to death. Even though they get on her nerves or so she says. She loves playing whatever they are and wants to be included in everything. If they are upset she is too. Don't get me wrong they do fight but she wouldn't have it any other way. She climb trees with them even though she's wearing her heels.

5. Zoe is a red headed, green eyed, Jesus loving, shower singing, tree climbing, book reading, brother loving, gift from God! She loves her Daddy more than words could say. She makes our lives complete. Zoe is very dramatic and likes all eyes on her. She is a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend. She is a blessing to our lives!!!

Happy Birthday Zoe!!! We love you!

Mama, Daddy, Kain and Noah

5 years ago today!
7lbs 5ozs

She was 4 days old in this picture. Just in time for Christmas!

This is her first Easter. She was always a happy baby!

She looks as big as Kain in this picture.

Posted by PicasaThis is the face you get when she's unhappy!

I forgot how beautiful her curls were :(

Posted by PicasaSpring Break at Key West.
She was three!

This year in New York! Wow... she growing up so fast.

Father's Day at Gatlinburg

Princess Zoe at Disney

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Summer Martin said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!! We can't wait to help you celebrate tomorrow at Chuck E Cheese. I can't believe how much she still looks like her baby picture:)

Rhonda said...

Wow, she is a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday Zoe!! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh lord where do I start. I love her curls and her princess picture and the one in the easter basket!!!! She's beautiful!

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Davisix said...

Hey, guess what? It's Thing 1's birthday too! :) Happy birthday Zoe!! xox Ang

Summer Laney said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!!! She hasn't changed a bit...always a beautiful little girl!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday, Zoe!!!!!!

I loved the five things you wrote about her! I'm sure your list could have gone on and on!! She is a cutie!!


Liz said...

She is beautiful!! I love the easter basket picture!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! What a great idea to list 5 things since she is 5. I may have to use that sometime. She is just so cute with all that red hair! Adorable.

Lisa said...

Awww, how time flies by and the grow so fast and big!! Thanks for sharing. I love your new background as well. How did you get 3 columns? I love it!!


Jennifer said...

Happy B'day Zoe!!!!!!! She is a beautiful little girl. I hope that she has a wonderful b'day...

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! I'm new here! What a great blog :)

jkstrib said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Zoe!