Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beach Trip

This weekend we went on a much needed beach trip.When we arrived it was like winter.It was raining and the wind was blowing 40 mph ( no kidding).It was late so we just went up to our room and hoped the next day would be better. Friday morning the kids woke up early and wanted to go down to the beach. So we put their hoodies on and went out.Kain, Noah and Zoe blowing away.

Zoe writing in the sand.

Kain found some sharks teeth. And Noah just loved running on the beach.

Corey and the kids swimming inside.

They really wanted to go swimming so we went to the indoor pool and lazy river. It was really nice! We stayed their for a few hours.Until everyone was water logged. The kids favorite part of any vacation is the swimming. They wouldn't care if they couldn't do anything else as long as they went swimming.
Zoe just relaxing in the lazy river.

We decided to go to Margaritaville for lunch and the food was really good. The kids liked the music and the confetti falling from the ceiling.Kain is really a worrier about weather so when the guy came on the tv talking about a hurricane Kain was getting scared. He thought it was gonna hit the restaurant.He was on the edge of his sit,ready to run any minute.Then he realized it was just a show they did.
My parrot heads

The kids saw the Pavilion Nostalgic Park from the window of the restaurant and wanted to go.I thought it would be nice to let the kids ride some that I rode when I was younger. I loved them ...then. So first Noah wanted to ride the pirate ship.So we got on it and well it's not exactly how I remembered it.It went higher that I thought.Luckily my brother rode with us because Noah was crying and I was about to cry.Kain and Zoe were having a good ole time.I kept thinking when is this going to be over. Well we survived that ride to head over to the Himalayan (well that's what I call it).Now I have whiplash. It's funny how it just seems like yesterday that I loved all these rides and now they kinda make me sick.I guess that means I'm getting older.
After our adventure with the rides and a little shopping we went back to our room. The kids are really tired at this point and wanted to watch a little Disney. Well me and Corey were not going to argue with that.

It always seems that we (the parents) need a vacation after the vacation.

One of our family traditions at the beach is eating at Godfather's Pizza.They have great homemade pizza and a fun family atmosphere.

We decided to go to Family Kingdom on Friday night.We have never been there and wanted to try something new. It reminded me of the fair only nicer. We don't go to the fair so we thought this would be nice for the kids. They really enjoyed and I loved seeing them smiling!
Corey and Kain acting goofy.
I just knew they were gonna get sick going around and around.
surprisingly the kids liked the log fumes .

Saturday we decided to play on the beach and swim all day.The kids rode their boogey boards and played in the sand. Zoe ran towards the water and was knocked down by a huge wave. So that scared her and it took a while for her to get back in. But she was out there jumping waves with her daddy before long. Noah's favorite thing is the boogey board. And he would spend all day catching waves if we would let him. Kain starts out not wanting to get in the water ,worried he can't touch. I'm not sure why he is scared of the water but he has gotten alot better. He remembered how much fun the ocean was and forgot about being worried. I only go out to my knees.I am scared of the jellyfish! I like sitting in my chair and listening to the kids scream with laughter.

After we had gotten sand everywhere we ( I ) wanted to go to the pools. With the kids protesting we went .

Later that night Corey went to visit his best friend that lives down there. So me and the kids went to Ocean Lakes to visit grandma and granny ( Corey's mom and grandmother). The kids love riding the golf cart and going down the bumpy rode. Our hotel didn't have a playground so we played on the one there. Corey's mom and aunts planned a surprise birthday party for granny that night. So we got to go to a birthday party while at the beach.

Grandma swinging Kain.

Happy 82nd birthday Granny!!

Finally the kids got to play putt putt. They had been asking all weekend.

We had a great weekend and got some sun too!!

I told you I would write a long one to make up for missing out all weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of Zoe's many talents...

You might want to turn the volume down a bit!

This is what happens when you watch Camp Rock too much!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open House

Last night was the first Open House of the year. The kids were really excited to show us their classrooms and their work. They were especially excited to show their daddy. Because Corey has to work during the day he never gets to go to register or visit the school. The book fair is going on too so we went and got a couple of books. Then we headed for the cafeteria where the PTA meeting was. This school has SO many kids you have to get there early for everything. The meeting went ok and the honor choir sang for us. Janie Davis did a great job!Then off to the classrooms.

Kain has two teachers(Mrs.Hardee & Mrs.Mathis) because in 4th grade you change classes like in middle school. So all of his stuff isn't in one room.His teachers said he is doing great! He didn't want me too take a picture cause all his friends were looking.Kain really likes school.He has to work really hard and I know sometimes it's frustrating but he always works through it.He is always the helper in the class.Always willing to help anyone that needs it.

Noah's teacher is Mrs.Richeson and she said she is loving having Noah in her class.But I bet she says that to all the parents...just kidding.I know Noah loves school and is always good. He showed me all his work that was hung up on the walls.She seems to be a very nice teacher and for that I am thankful. When I was little there were lots of "mean" teachers.Were we that rowdy that they had to be so stern? I don't know but since Kain has been in school I haven't heard of a "mean" teacher. But anyway back to Noah. Everything comes so easy to Noah so I wasn't surprise when she told me he catches on really fast.

Zoe's teachers are Mrs.Brown and Mrs.Hayes. She is in 4k in the afternoon class.They told me Zoe likes to talk well duh! Everyone that knows Zoe knows that is what she does.She will talk about everything and nothing.So as soon as we got to the class she started looking around for her bestest friend Riley. This is what she says in the morning before school "Mama, I sure hope Riley likes my shirt and hair". Well Riley wasn't there so she went and sat next to Connor.Corey asked me why don't she sit with the girls. I told him she likes the boys! She showed us all around the room.Where center time is,snack time and her favorite thing the playground. I told Corey we will never have to worry about Zoe not making friends.But I'm sure she will get into trouble for talking so much.That's something we have to work on.

On the way out Corey asked Zoe about Riley and Connor. Zoe said " Goodness Daddy,their not my boyfriends just my best friends."

I am so thankful the kids still love school and that we are able to be so involved with them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Orchard

Corey was working all weekend so when Grandma and Pop mentioned they were going to pick apples we went with them. We usually do this every year.I wish Corey was able to go but he said to go and enjoy it. Last year because of the weather the apple crop was not that good. This year was totally different and it was wonderful. The weather was nice and the apples looked wonderful. It was nice going with my in-laws too. The kids love spending time with Grandma and Pop. So we headed to Stepp Orchards in Hendersonville. On the way there we made another pit stop. This place had pumpkins and you could feed some goats.

They had lots of nice pumpkins.
Zoe thought the lama was gonna eat her.

Grandma and Pop with the kids.

So after our stop we headed on over to the apple orchard. The kids were really excited about picking their own apples. So we grabbed the baskets and wagon and headed out.

Kain testing out his apple Noah was very picky when it came time to choose his apples but he found a perfect one.

Noah with his perfect apple.

Zoe just liked filling her basket up. She didn't care if they were rotten or were too small. She was loving it. And when I would tell her that was enough she would reply "They're not for you.I'm helping Pop."

Zoe with all her special apples.

We ended up picking a bushel of apples.I'm still not sure what we are going to do with them. Maybe I will be brave and try to make an apple pie or maybe not.After we loaded the bushel in the van we saw a sign for a corn maze. This was a really great maze and the best part was no extra fees!

Kain did get us lost a couple of times!

And then after we came out of the corn maze there was a sunflower maze. I can't say I've seen a maze with sunflowers in it.But it made some beautiful pictures.

They were getting tired of me taking pictures.
Zoe and Mama
I just thought this was very pretty!

After all of the excitement of the day we were ready to come home. The kids ran in telling Corey all of their stories of the day. I know he hates missing out on things.But he really enjoys hearing the kids tell it their way. So thank you Grandma and Pop for a wonderful day that the kids will never forget!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The circus came to town...

On the way to take Zoe to school this morning I noticed a circus tent at the Boiling Springs park.That is not something you see everyday. I got curious so I called to find out about it.Kids were free if the parents paid. So I decided I would take the kids with my friend Melissa.When we got there you could ride a camel or horse, for a price of course.They wanted to ride the camel but I said no.I have this fear of my kids falling off a big animal.Maybe I've seen to many "animals gone wild shows". We were finally let in the big top to sit. My bottom is till sore...wooden benches are not my friend. It was a long show and some what entertaining. The kids really liked it and that's all that matters. I would have to say that it is definitely not The Ringling Brothers!

This is Noah for ya...

I meant to put this up the other day but forgot. I was looking at our cat Minnie and noticed that her hair was looking funny.After close examination it looked as if someone had cut her hair. And it was not the best cut I've seen. So at first I thought Zoe. She said "no mama I didn't do it". Then I thought of Noah. I asked him about it and he said " Mom her hair was getting too long". Then I said "Noah it's a long hair cat. She suppose to have long hair."
Of course he didn't see anything wrong with it. But this is just one of the many reasons I love Noah!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I thought this was cute

Ok so every night Corey has to carry Zoe to bed like a "princess".Which means she lays across his arms.Well last night Corey was really tired.She came in the living room and said" Daddy carry me like a Princess".

Corey says" Zoe daddy's tired.Can I do it tomorrow"?

Zoe " No daddy I want you to do it now."

Corey "ok listen i will let you have a piece of chocolate if i don't have to carry you.So which one do you want"?

So he's thinking he's gonna get out of it.

Zoe "Daddy I choose you"!

I told Corey he better remember that Zoe choose him over chocolate because one day she will choose the chocolate.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's been a while!

It's been along time since I have gotten on here.It seems like I never have enough time in the day to spend blogging. Well the kids are loving school this year.Kain is in 4th, Noah is in 2nd and Zoe start 4-k. Of course Zoe is the social!And she likes to tell all the "dirt" on the other kids.Fourth grade is the oldest class at their school.So Kain thinks they are the top dogs.And my Noah is doing wonderful.His teacher Mrs. Richeson called me yesterday just to let me know how great he is.When I saw the number come up on the phone I wondered "what now?"

I mean when do teachers call to tell you good things about your child.

The kids are busy all week long.I started working in Cubbies on Wednesday nights.I have no I idea how Summer Martin taught plus got all the stuff done!She must be wonder woman. I'm not gifted in the craft area. So that's the hard part for me. Hopefully as the weeks go by things will get smoother.Corey has been traveling alot with work,which I am not use to.In the 11 years we have been together I don't think he has ever left me at home!Well I have to go get Zoe ready for school.Until next time...