Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beach Trip

This weekend we went on a much needed beach trip.When we arrived it was like winter.It was raining and the wind was blowing 40 mph ( no kidding).It was late so we just went up to our room and hoped the next day would be better. Friday morning the kids woke up early and wanted to go down to the beach. So we put their hoodies on and went out.Kain, Noah and Zoe blowing away.

Zoe writing in the sand.

Kain found some sharks teeth. And Noah just loved running on the beach.

Corey and the kids swimming inside.

They really wanted to go swimming so we went to the indoor pool and lazy river. It was really nice! We stayed their for a few hours.Until everyone was water logged. The kids favorite part of any vacation is the swimming. They wouldn't care if they couldn't do anything else as long as they went swimming.
Zoe just relaxing in the lazy river.

We decided to go to Margaritaville for lunch and the food was really good. The kids liked the music and the confetti falling from the ceiling.Kain is really a worrier about weather so when the guy came on the tv talking about a hurricane Kain was getting scared. He thought it was gonna hit the restaurant.He was on the edge of his sit,ready to run any minute.Then he realized it was just a show they did.
My parrot heads

The kids saw the Pavilion Nostalgic Park from the window of the restaurant and wanted to go.I thought it would be nice to let the kids ride some that I rode when I was younger. I loved them ...then. So first Noah wanted to ride the pirate ship.So we got on it and well it's not exactly how I remembered it.It went higher that I thought.Luckily my brother rode with us because Noah was crying and I was about to cry.Kain and Zoe were having a good ole time.I kept thinking when is this going to be over. Well we survived that ride to head over to the Himalayan (well that's what I call it).Now I have whiplash. It's funny how it just seems like yesterday that I loved all these rides and now they kinda make me sick.I guess that means I'm getting older.
After our adventure with the rides and a little shopping we went back to our room. The kids are really tired at this point and wanted to watch a little Disney. Well me and Corey were not going to argue with that.

It always seems that we (the parents) need a vacation after the vacation.

One of our family traditions at the beach is eating at Godfather's Pizza.They have great homemade pizza and a fun family atmosphere.

We decided to go to Family Kingdom on Friday night.We have never been there and wanted to try something new. It reminded me of the fair only nicer. We don't go to the fair so we thought this would be nice for the kids. They really enjoyed and I loved seeing them smiling!
Corey and Kain acting goofy.
I just knew they were gonna get sick going around and around.
surprisingly the kids liked the log fumes .

Saturday we decided to play on the beach and swim all day.The kids rode their boogey boards and played in the sand. Zoe ran towards the water and was knocked down by a huge wave. So that scared her and it took a while for her to get back in. But she was out there jumping waves with her daddy before long. Noah's favorite thing is the boogey board. And he would spend all day catching waves if we would let him. Kain starts out not wanting to get in the water ,worried he can't touch. I'm not sure why he is scared of the water but he has gotten alot better. He remembered how much fun the ocean was and forgot about being worried. I only go out to my knees.I am scared of the jellyfish! I like sitting in my chair and listening to the kids scream with laughter.

After we had gotten sand everywhere we ( I ) wanted to go to the pools. With the kids protesting we went .

Later that night Corey went to visit his best friend that lives down there. So me and the kids went to Ocean Lakes to visit grandma and granny ( Corey's mom and grandmother). The kids love riding the golf cart and going down the bumpy rode. Our hotel didn't have a playground so we played on the one there. Corey's mom and aunts planned a surprise birthday party for granny that night. So we got to go to a birthday party while at the beach.

Grandma swinging Kain.

Happy 82nd birthday Granny!!

Finally the kids got to play putt putt. They had been asking all weekend.

We had a great weekend and got some sun too!!

I told you I would write a long one to make up for missing out all weekend!


Summer Martin said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. We missed you on Sunday though!

Stacy said...

Thanks! We missed yall too. I feel like something always happens when were I have to play catch up.

Rhonda said...

Michael and I tried to eat at Margaritaville when we were there in Sept but there was a 3 hour wait on a THURS night in the OFFSEASON!! Wow!! Must be pretty good. :)