Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open House

Last night was the first Open House of the year. The kids were really excited to show us their classrooms and their work. They were especially excited to show their daddy. Because Corey has to work during the day he never gets to go to register or visit the school. The book fair is going on too so we went and got a couple of books. Then we headed for the cafeteria where the PTA meeting was. This school has SO many kids you have to get there early for everything. The meeting went ok and the honor choir sang for us. Janie Davis did a great job!Then off to the classrooms.

Kain has two teachers(Mrs.Hardee & Mrs.Mathis) because in 4th grade you change classes like in middle school. So all of his stuff isn't in one room.His teachers said he is doing great! He didn't want me too take a picture cause all his friends were looking.Kain really likes school.He has to work really hard and I know sometimes it's frustrating but he always works through it.He is always the helper in the class.Always willing to help anyone that needs it.

Noah's teacher is Mrs.Richeson and she said she is loving having Noah in her class.But I bet she says that to all the parents...just kidding.I know Noah loves school and is always good. He showed me all his work that was hung up on the walls.She seems to be a very nice teacher and for that I am thankful. When I was little there were lots of "mean" teachers.Were we that rowdy that they had to be so stern? I don't know but since Kain has been in school I haven't heard of a "mean" teacher. But anyway back to Noah. Everything comes so easy to Noah so I wasn't surprise when she told me he catches on really fast.

Zoe's teachers are Mrs.Brown and Mrs.Hayes. She is in 4k in the afternoon class.They told me Zoe likes to talk well duh! Everyone that knows Zoe knows that is what she does.She will talk about everything and nothing.So as soon as we got to the class she started looking around for her bestest friend Riley. This is what she says in the morning before school "Mama, I sure hope Riley likes my shirt and hair". Well Riley wasn't there so she went and sat next to Connor.Corey asked me why don't she sit with the girls. I told him she likes the boys! She showed us all around the room.Where center time is,snack time and her favorite thing the playground. I told Corey we will never have to worry about Zoe not making friends.But I'm sure she will get into trouble for talking so much.That's something we have to work on.

On the way out Corey asked Zoe about Riley and Connor. Zoe said " Goodness Daddy,their not my boyfriends just my best friends."

I am so thankful the kids still love school and that we are able to be so involved with them.


Rhonda said...

Zoe...talk?? No!! ;)
I'm glad they are having a good year so far!

Summer Laney said...

I think Brynn would pick playing with the boys over the girls any day! Sounds like their school year is off to a good start.