Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#6~ Go on a Family Hike

Every time we have tried to go hiking at the Graveyard Fields the road has been closed (due to weather) or it just has never worked out. We decided to give it another try during our Father’s Day weekend camping trip. It is almost 3 miles round trip and wasn’t too strenuous except for the trail going to the upper falls. Upper really means steep in hiking lingo or at least in my vocabulary it does! Thank goodness Kain rolled his ankle ( not really but I could have possibly died from lack of H2O) and we had to turn around. The rest of the hike was very enjoyable.












Friday, June 14, 2013

#1- Ice Cream for Dinner

   Zoe has been looking forward to marking this off the list since we created the list! I wanted real homemade ice cream so we went to Strawberry Hill USA. It is a farm just up the road from us. As you can tell from the name they grown strawberries but they also have peaches and other fruits. They also have a café and ice cream parlor.  We all picked our favorite flavor and sat outside in the rocking chairs enjoying our “dinner”. We picked up some peaches while we were there and the family has almost eaten the whole bag!







Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

This is NOT on our summer bucket list!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Non-Summer Fun


  I try to schedule all of the kids yearly doctors appointments in the summer. Of course they are not very happy about it but it just works better for us. This morning we had to go get the boys blood levels checked. Both of my boys have a factor IX deficiency. It is a form of Hemophilia but not life threating like in some cases. They mainly can bleed around the joints and are at more risk for a brain bleed. But since you can’t see when they are bleeding it does make it dangerous.The only time they have ever needed any factor was doing a surgery. So now we wait to see the doctor on Thursday to see if anything has changed. It probably will still be the same which is good and we won’t have to do this for another year. Now we can check one more thing off of our summer to do list.




Sunday, June 9, 2013

#17- Discover a New Park

  While we were in Greenville on Saturday for the Farmer’s Market, we decided to look for a new park. It is one of the things on our summer bucket list and we always like discovering new places. We used Google to find a park close by and Herdklotz Park popped up. It was only a few miles away so we went to check it out. The park was very nice and has 2 separate areas divided by age groups. There were also soccer, and football fields. If you are looking for a new park I recommend you check this one out.










#4- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for Breakfast…..

     and we ended up having them for dinner. Yea, no judging please. I mean can you really pass up FREE doughnuts? Especially when the “Hot and Now” sign is lit up? I think not! It was National Doughnut Day and we try our best to celebrate all holidays. Plus Zoe took her report card because KK gives 1 free doughnut for each A that you get. Pretty neat huh?


   Just looking at these doughnuts will make you fat but they are SO good! Of course we had to have milk to be able to get the crème filled ones down. Surely there are some type of nutrients in them,right? Oh well, everyone enjoyed their “dinner” and that is all that matters.

#52- Ice Cream Truck

  While at the park the ice cream truck came by. We NEVER get to visit the truck since we live on a main ( busy) road. I was just as excited as the kids were. Too bad they were out of my childhood favorite the screwball. It has a piece of gum at the bottom of it and  the whole thing taste like bubblegum. So we all made of choice and enjoyed some ice cream on a hot day. It’s the little things that make us all happy.



Saturday, June 8, 2013

#51- Campout….

   In the living room of all places! The kids like looking for new things to add to our summer bucket list. So when they asked to add camping out in the living room I said why not. They usually only do this once a year and that is at Christmas. I guess they really do enjoy sleeping on a hard floor…lol. Hey I am up for anything free that makes them happy.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#28- Visit a Farmer’s Market

    I was in search of fresh eggs when a friend reminded me that the Hub City farmer's Market started today. So we all got dressed ( because who is dressed at 11:00 on summer break?) and headed downtown. I was able to find my eggs thanks to Thicketty Mountain farms and mark one thing off of our summer bucket list.  If the weather corporates we are going to the Farmer's Market in Greenville on Saturday. We stumbled upon it one Saturday and it is huge! I will let you know if we find anything good there.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

    The one thing I do not want to hear this summer is “ I am bored!” but I know at some point I will. To help me hear it a little less I came up with a summer bucket list. We probably will not be able to do all of these since Kain will have marching band practice and Noah has football practice but we are going to try. Most of these are free or VERY cheap. I need cheap with 3 kids.  Do you have any ideas I could add?
  1. ice cream for dinner
  2. watch a firework show
  3. swim in a waterfall
  4. Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast
  5. read a book – see this suggested reading list by age
  6. family hike
  7. go to an amusement park with friends
  8. Take a day trip to the beach
  9. $1.00 matinee movies
  10. go bowling ( kids bowl for free)
  11. camp with family
  12. make s’mores
  13. go to a drive-in movie
  14. go swimming in a lake
  15. breakfast for dinner
  16. go on a picnic
  17. discover a new park
  18. bike the Swamp Rabbit trail or at least some of it
  19. Have at least one date night individually with each kid
  20. stay in our pj’s and watch movies all day
  21. go fishing
  22. go swimming at a pool as much as possible
  23. Have a water balloon fight
  24. attend VBS
  25. go on a family moon walk
  26. Random Acts of Kindness
  27. Backyard Frisbee golf
  28. go to a Farmer’s Market
  29. Have a NO MEDIA day! No t.v, cell phones, tablets or video games. Music is ok though.
  30. eat snow cones
  31. Find a Summer concert and go! If you Google “free summer concerts (your city)” you are guaranteed to find some!
  32. Plant something and see how big it gets before school starts!
  33. Make ice cream in a bag- This pin gives you directions for ice cream in a bag
  34. Have a family BBQ
  35. Play in the rain
  36. Go star gazing
  37. play mini golf
  38. visit a state park
  39. Watch the sun set
  40. visit a zoo or farm
  41. go roller skating
  42. go tubing in a river
  43. Laugh so hard you cry
  44. complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
  45. Have a water gun fight
  46. Play hide and seek in the dark
  47. sleepover with friends
  48. Make cookies
  49. Feed the ducks
  50. Make an Instagram album of all of our summer fun no matter what we end up doing
  51. Campout in the living room
  52. Visit a ice cream truck