Monday, June 10, 2013

Non-Summer Fun


  I try to schedule all of the kids yearly doctors appointments in the summer. Of course they are not very happy about it but it just works better for us. This morning we had to go get the boys blood levels checked. Both of my boys have a factor IX deficiency. It is a form of Hemophilia but not life threating like in some cases. They mainly can bleed around the joints and are at more risk for a brain bleed. But since you can’t see when they are bleeding it does make it dangerous.The only time they have ever needed any factor was doing a surgery. So now we wait to see the doctor on Thursday to see if anything has changed. It probably will still be the same which is good and we won’t have to do this for another year. Now we can check one more thing off of our summer to do list.




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Aleksandra Nearing said...

Hope you get good news from the results!