Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 5 ~ Epcot

Today we went back to Epcot with everyone else. The rain has stopped and it's hot again. We rode almost all of the rides today and saw a few characters too.

We've got have at least one picture of us with Mickey

Wow, what a group!

The boys with Minnie

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We went and had a Japanese dinner at Teppan Edo.This was the first time the kids had ever been. They loved the chef and all his cooking skills. Kain didn't eat anything but the other 2 almost finished their plates:)

They all ate with the chop sticks

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This was the first time we rode Mission Space. We rode the kid friendly side.

Then we watched the night show Illuminations

We had a swan on our bed today with some of Zoe's stuffed animals. Everyday the lady has been making a "scene" with Zoe's animals in our window. She runs to the room to see what is there.

I'm still stuffy today but Corey went to Walgreen's and got me some meds.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 4~ Hollywood Studios

Today was a perfect day or at least I thought so. When we woke it was raining and COOL. Boy did it feel good. A little bit of rain is not going to stop us. We jumped on the bus and went to Hollywood Studios. There was barely anyone there and it was so nice. We had originally planned on just half a day.But we did everything so fast and it wasn't burning hot we decided to stay all day. We just sported the ponchos!

Our first picture of the day

Toy Story Mania~ All the people that were in the park was running to this ride.And that would include us:)

All the kids waiting on the Muppet 3 D show

Posted by PicasaHow did we end up in New York again?

Finally a group picture!

Brynn, Zoe and Kain rode the Tower of Terror with us.This was not a ride I was looking forward too.But I felt like I had to since we encouraged the kids to ride. How would that look if the mom was too scared after she asked the kids to go?

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We had a nice Italian dinner at Mama Mel rose's

Addie playing with the straws:)

After dinner we went back to the hotel for some swimming.All the kids have been begging to go.It was COLD and windy.

Posted by PicasaAnother one of those special touches
Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 3~ Animal Kingdom

We meet up with the other 2 families this morning and went to Animal Kingdom.Well the morning started off just right...not! We were all waiting on the bus at our hotel.When I decided to take a picture of all the kids.Well I turn the camera on and it says No Card. I realized I had left it in the laptop.So I tell Corey to run back to our room.Long story short the bus with the Martins and Laney's left and we were still there. We caught the next bus and headed out. As the stroller was lying on the floor of the bus.I saw water running out of it. The $40.00 cooler I had bought was leaking because the ice was melting. When we got off at AK I just told Corey to throw it away.We caught up with everyone in Dino land!

Corey took this while Summer,Jamie,Noah and I were in line to ride Expedition Everest.

The safari ride

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OK back to Expedition Everest. Please look closely for the lady with the pink shirt with her mouth hung open. That would be the Laney's...lol. In front of them are Summer M and Andrew.Then Corey and my son Kain that looks like he's about to cry.But he is confident that he was JUST closing his eyes...lol.

The Tree of Life

Can't you just see the joy in their face? Especially Kain's?

For all the ones wanting to see a picture of me

Brynn giving Noah a massage as we wait for our dinner reservations at Whispering Canyons

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The kids all got milkshakes

Summer asked for some water and this is the HUGE glass they gave her

This place is a FUN restaurant.You ask for more napkins and they throw them in the air...lol

They even had pony(stick) rides!

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Posted by PicasaWe had asked for ketchup and people brought us 8 bottles.So when some one else YELLED (I'm not kidding either)for ketchup all the kids took them some.
We had a great day but it was really long.I think I am finally coming down with a cold.My throat is killing me and has that tickle feeling. Hopefully it will go away soon.Thanks for all the comments and keep them coming. I bought a few things for my giveaway:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 2~ Disney

People always ask Corey and I why we keep coming to Disney every year. Well if they could have seen the kids faces this morning they would know why. I get so happy seeing the joy in their eyes when they see Mickey for the first time..again. Zoe acts like she has never been here. She is just so excited to see the characters:)I have to keep reminding myself of why we do this. While my poor feet get ran over by thousands of strollers.But we really do think this is the Happiest Place on Earth.

The "little" things get them all excited. Like our Mickey towels on the bed.

Waiting on the bus

This was before the opening show. The girl can move her hips:)

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

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I always tell him he's still my baby!

Buzz Lightyear

Goofy Barnstorm roller coaster

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Zoe was finally tall enough to ride Space Mountain

Um..I know you are wondering why my kids are with a trash can right? Well this is no regular garbage can.He talks and moves and wanted the kids to take a picture.

We saw the Mayor while having lunch at the Plaza

This is the kids dessert...yummy

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After the MK we went back to our room.Then went exploring around the hotel.This is at the dining hall.

Then we headed to Epcot for the extra magic hours

I love all of these Goofy people:)

The Martins and Laney's will be here in the morning(Saturday).Let the fun begin!

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