Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lessons from Mommyhood

Oh the many lessons I learn everyday. Some are from my own doing and some are from my precious(yes that is dripping with sarcasm) children. I know a lot of you have great lessons you could share. So head over to my friend Kim's blog and join in on the fun the 1st & 15th of every month.

1. I really don't know which would be easier. Have all 3 kids sick at once or as we are doing now 1 each week. But the Lord keeps me well so that I can tend to my many sick ones. I am learning to just keep the doctors office on speed dial.

2. No matter what I try Kain will not try any new food. Now I am picky and I know he gets it from me.But my goodness this kid just wants mac & cheese or any meat. I have learned if I tell him it taste just like chicken he will eat Once we had salmon patties well he kept saying it smelled like fish. I just said 'Nope it's chicken." He ended up eating 3 of them. Then I told him what it really was.

3. I have learned that my daughter has her daddy in the palm of her hand(even more than I had thought). On Monday she had to go back to the doctor. This time she was worse than last week. Last week RSV this week micro plasma pneumonia (aka walking pneumonia).They gave Zoe a shot of steroids and a strong antibiotic before we left. Well by then Corey had left work because he was so worried about her. Since she got the shot in her leg she was "unable" to walk or at least that's what she said. Now she did walk down to the car but when she saw Corey she collapsed(can we say drama Queen)because the pain was unbearable. Don't you know he carried he everywhere that day and I do mean everywhere.

4. I think the thing I am still learning and trying to do everyday is to take better care of me.I always worry about the kids getting sick or something being wrong with them. I never go to the doctor even for routine appointments and I know I should especially with my family history. That is why I am wanting/trying to get healthier. If I am healthy I can take better care of everyone else:)


Jennifer said...

To funny you tell him that Salmon is chicken... My middle one we use to tell him that ham was bolagne, lasanga was baked ravolia,and there were others but he believed us and ate them... With him being a teenager it is harder now but he will eat food at other people houses but not here it is just mac cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza. They don't know what they are missing.

Alicia said...

That is so sweet about your hubby carrying Zoe around all day!

This is a great meme! I may have to try it!