Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a great day...

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kim speak this morning about her prodigal son. God always has a plan even if it's not the plan we would like it be.
I knew Noah was better because he was up sneaking food last night:) And we were all ready to get out the house.It has been raining for 2 days. So since we didn't get to go out with the Martins last night we decided to meet for lunch.Well I think everyone else in our town chose Chuck E Cheese's too.

Posted by PicasaLater that afternoon our SS class went bowling. There were quite a few of us.It was loud but a lot of fun. These are just a few of the pictures I took.
( I added just these families because I know they have blogs. So feel free to borrow the pictures. I am going to send everyone else's in an email.)

The Waddell's ( she is hilarious)

The Crazy Cotheran's ( I was so happy for Corey to be home.)

Posted by PicasaThe Martins ( we are going to Disney next month together)
Posted by PicasaThe Sheriff's (she's my bible study buddy)

The Riders ( Thanks for planning the social)

The Harrison's (minus 2)

I missed that smile;)

Posted by Picasa

Look at Noah's foot. He looks like a pro.

Our attempt to get a photo of all the kids. Kain looks like he's in pain.

It was too much for Kain. He had to

EK looks just precious in this picture

Posted by PicasaI'm glad Noah is smiling again!

Posted by PicasaZoe enjoying her ice cream and a nice conversation with Will.


Stephanie said...

Chuck E Cheese is always insane!!!! I try to stay as far away from the place as possible although I have to give in every once in a while. Seriously when I was a kid and it was Showbiz(remember that?) I thought they had the best pizza in the I think it's horrible!!!!

Bowling looks fun..I love it but am horrible at it :)

Hope you have a great remainder of the weekend!

Diana Sheriff said... are so quick!!! I knew you would be...that's why I checked your blog when I got the pics! We had so much fun today!

Summer Martin said...

I thought you were going to bed!! I knew you couldn't resist blogging first. We had a great day today and we will have to do it again. Maybe in 3 weeks while at Disney!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC! You have an awesome blog!

Rhonda said...

Aww..that pic of EK is precious!! All of your pics are great - thanks for putting them up quickly so we can steal them! ;) We had a great time last night!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Looks like such a fun and busy day! My kids would've loved to go with you,you crazy lady...CEC AND bowling all in one day! Great pics though! And to Stephanie's comment...YES, I do remember showbiz! Too funny...what a blast from the past!