Monday, February 23, 2009

Savannah Part 2

We were told that if you wanna get into The Lady and Sons(Paula Dean's place). You have to be in line at 8:45 in the morning to be put on a list for that day. Well you can see they were not kidding. The hostess came out at 9:30 and that is how you get a reservation. Nope you can't call this one in. By 11 am the whole day was booked and this is the "off" season.

We got a lunch reservation at 11 am. So we looked around downtown until it was time.

Savannah has a lot of town squares. I think they said there was 24 in downtown. All of the parks were very pretty.

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The hostess said to be back at 10:45 and stand across the street. You would think all the shops would get mad because so many people are blocking the doors. But we waited in another huge crowd until our name was called. It was kind of hilarious now that I think about it. It was like waiting to say "Cotheran's come on down"They have a menu but honestly who's gonna pass up a buffet? Well not us!

Fried chicken,mashed potatoes,mac & cheese,creamed corn..yummy!

The pancake looking thing is Paula's famous "hoecakes". It is fried corn bread and they suggest putting maple syrup on them.

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The best banana pudding I've ever eaten. And even though this was the most popular restaurant it was the cheapest meal we had.

Corey snuck away and bought me this beautiful rose made out of palm tree leaves. A man was selling them on a bench in the park. The whole thing is made with the leaves.

"Have you seen Jenny?" Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies.He just happened to be sitting there waiting on the bus. We were told that the bench that Tom Hanks sat on had to be removed. People were breaking it apart just to take a piece with them.

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Colonial Park Cemetery

These stones were knocked down during a war so they mounted them to the wall.

We toured the "pirate" ship that's behind me . It was very nice inside and out.

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The Pirate House is another restaurant that's listed as a must do. Well we were still full from lunch .But I really wanted to go in. This was really a pirates house back in the day. So we went in and had dessert.

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The sun had just set.

Corey has some Irish and Scottish heritage and loves anything to do with it. We hope you day we are able to travel to Ireland. But anyway we found a little Scottish pub Molly McPherson's. So later that night we went and had dinner. I have never had any of this food. But it was really good.

Meat Pies

Shepperd's Pie

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We both tried a lot of new things this weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. But I am glad to be home with my kiddos!


Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time... I am so proud of you for going out and doing different things if you are anything like me that is a big step (the oyster don't think I could have done that one)... The pics are beautiful. I can't wait to go in July... We wil have to get together one night for dinner and you Cory let us what to do and not do while we are there....

The room did look like nice, hope y'all didn't have any trouble.

jkstrib said...

You are becoming quite the photographer. Your pics are awesome. You have the eye for getting artistic shots! Glad you had a great weekend.

Alicia said...

Oh, how awesome you were able to eat at her restaurant! I'm just tripping on how all the food looks soooooooo good!!!!!!

I'm really enjoying your trip w/ you! LOL

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous that you got to eat at the lady and sons!!! It looked so yummy! and the pics are gorgeous

He And Me + 3 said...

I want some of that food so bad. Wow..yum. Savannah looks like an awesome city. My cousin loves it there, but never brings pictures of proof...yours are awesome. Glad you are having a fun time.

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh my...your pics are wonderful and it looks as though you had a great time! What fun! I am scottish and my hubby is Irish, so we are very into that too! I heart meat pies! I grew up on them...YUMMY!

JESSICA said...

The pictures are beautiful! Could you photograph my kids sometime??

Cassidy M. Ruskin said...

Great pics!!! I really want that camera...i'm glad u guys got to go on weekend getaway. if only my schedule would allow it, that would be the first thing i would do. school is CRAZY right now. hope zoe is feeling better.

Barbara Hoffman said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip... we tried to get into the Lady and sons when we were there... we did not know about the line... it was a real bummer that we couldn't get in maybe next time..The pictures are wonderful!