Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday soccer

Every Saturday for the next 6 weeks we will head to the soccer fields from 8:30 am til 1:00 pm. I think we are the only ones that stay that long. But all 3 kids play at different times.I think it was in the upper 80's today and boy was it hot. We didn't have any near death experiences today like last time. I think{technically we don't keep score in Upward} all 3 won their games.

Kain watching Zoe play

Zoe is really good{that's the mother talking not the coach} to be on a 4-k team. I think it helped alot that we let her play last year.

Zoe scored 4 goals today!

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She can run fast when she needs to.

Karson getting a good kick:)

Noah got his first goal of the season and it was the first goal for the game today.

Noah was really excited to play against his friend Andrew's team.

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Kain getting a good throw in.

Kain is a great team player.

He didn't get a goal today but he helped set up 2 other players so they could get goals.

Posted by PicasaNoah got 2 goals! Best of all he didn't almost pass out!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Time

After I got the kids from school we headed to the park near our house. It was a beautiful day and very warm. The weather has been so crazy you don't know if you should wear pants or shorts. It was chilly when they went to school so they wore pants. But it was way too hot for pants this afternoon. But everyone had a great time.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gone in the night...

Before I go to bed I always go in and check on the kids to make sure they are covered up. I looked in on the boys and they were fine. Then I walked in Zoe's room.I looked in the bed she was gone. I went to check the bathroom but she wasn't there either. So I go back to her room and look under the bed.She has fell out of the bed and rolled under the bed before. But she wasn't there either. I yell for Corey because I was really worried. We looked everywhere in the house. Then we went back to her room and Corey saw the tent was zipped up. We took the top off and sure enough we found her. The Harriosn's gave her the tent for her birthday and she loves it.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tag...Your it!

I saw this on Alicia's blog and since she tagged everyone I decided to do it.

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. school being out
2. our road trip to South Dakota
3. women's retreat
4. trips to the zoo
5. swimming weather
6. spending time with friends
7. camping trip with our Sunday school class
8. school starting back

8 things I did yesterday
1. coached soccer
2. watched Noah about pass out during soccer
3. watched Kain play more soccer
4. ate at McDonald's
5. went to a skating party
6. took a nap
7. blogged
8. watched the UFC

8 things I wish I could do
1. visit Ireland
2. travel in a RV all summer with the family
3. take a photography class
4. go on a cruise
5. visit family in Texas
6. go on a plane ride
7. learn some craftiness like Mrs.Leigh
8. watch the Harry Potter movie early

8 shows that I watch
1. Survivor
2. Amazing Race
3. Biggest Loser
4. UFC
5. Ghost Whisper
5. Heros
6. Intervention
7. Jon and Kate plus 8
8. 18 kids and counting

Tag 8 friends
I am tagging anyone that wants to do this. So have fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday soccer,scares and skating

This morning we got up bright and early. Everyone put on the uniforms and out the door we all went. Today is the first game of the soccer season. I am coaching Zoe's team again this year. Corey usually has to work on Saturdays but not right now.So Corey is going to be the assistant coach for Kain's team. I feel bad that neither of us are helping with Noah's team but we will next year! So for the next 7 Saturdays this is what we will be doing.

Zoe- Little Surge

Mrs.Summer and I with our team listening to the ref.

I love how her pig tails are almost standing up.

Posted by PicasaOn the way to her first goal!

Noah- The Crew

Noah is in the gray. He plays his heart out.

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Noah was having to stay in back to back quarters because we didn't have enough to sub with. It was getting really hot too. In the middle of a play Noah turns and starts walking towards me. He is a white as a ghost and holding his chest.I tried to talk to him but he couldn't breathe or talk. He fell down in the chair.At this point I am freaking out. He is really cold and looks really sick. His coach{coach is a nurse} came over and looked him over.We gave him Gatorade and put his feet up. So for the rest of the game he wasn't able to play. I guess he had gotten way too hot and almost passed out. I thought he was having a heat stroke. It really did scared me to death.

All his friends came over to check on him:)

Kain-The Charge

Posted by PicasaGrandma and Pop came to watch.

All 3 of kids played great games! After soccer we went and grabbed come lunch {at 1:30pm} at McDonald's. Then off we went to the skating rink for our friend Sierra's birthday!

We finally made it home around 4 and everyone fell in their beds.

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