Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Filled Day

Thanks to Mrs.Tracy our church had a great egg hunt Saturday! She organized the whole thing and she did an awesome job. We had almost 200 kids and over 2800 eggs. Mrs.Kim told us the Easter story using some of the Resurrection eggs. After the story all the kids were looking for the empty eggs. Even though we had that many eggs.They were gone within minutes.

Mrs.Kim telling us the true meaning of Easter

Wow she ended up with a basket full.

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The boys in action

Posted by PicasaWe have a beautiful bunch of kids:)

Later in the afternoon went went to Grandma and Pop's for the Cotheran Easter dinner.The kids ate as fast as they could because they wanted to hunt for more eggs.I guess this morning just got them warmed up:)

Our nephew Draven. Red heads run in the family.

"Look mom,I found a princess egg!"

I think he's tired of egg hunting.

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I found 6 REAL eggs!

This is the whole Cotheran family!

Corey's youngest brother Timmy with his wife Laura. Our niece{the one with all the hair}Molly and our adorable nephew{the one with all the cheeks}Aidan.

This the oldest brother Brandon with his wife Tiffany.My almost grown niece{or at least she thinks so}Angel and big boy{he is only 3 but is as big as Zoe}Draven.
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Corey is the middle child and of course he's with me{sometimes not by his choice} and our 3 crazy kids!

Grandma and Pop with all of their grandchildren

Corey and his brothers always act so crazy!

This is the look of "I've had so much fun I feel sick!"
He really wasn't sick he just looked like it for a minute.Posted by Picasa

So remember that party we couldn't go to due to it raining? Well they rescheduled it for Saturday evening.We already had plans to go to the in-laws. So we told them we would not be coming.But we got through with things early and went anyways. Thanks Ella Kate for inviting us!

All the boys on the playground.This is a new park and it was very nice.We will be going back.

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Strike a pose!
We finally got home around 8 and still had a lot to do before morning. But we did make special cookies.You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see them. Hope everyone has a very blessed Easter!


McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun day! Our city egg hunt was cancelled due to the rain, the one day it rains in AZ! LOL! Love the boys' baskets, very cool! Corey and his brothers look so much alike! All that fun and a birthday party to top it off with! :) Have a Blessed Easter!

He And Me + 3 said...

We had some egg hunt fun too yesterday. They sure can clean up eggs off the ground come it doesn't work with toys? lOL
Great pictures and I loved seeing all the family shots. Cute!
Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

I looked at the pic at first of your nephew Draven and thought it as Kain and was wondering if that was a nick name and then I went back up and look at the pic agan.. Wow they loo like just as much as Corey and his younger brother. I thought that was Corey for a min holding the baby in the group shot... Y'all have a beautiful family. Looks like y'all had a fun filled day...

Jennifer said...

PS: Where is that playground at?

Kim said...

Oh no - you didn't take my pic :(- I was sooooo dizzy & nauseous that morning.... blah. I can see it in my face. I wish I had felt well enough to see your kids have fun at the hunt - looks like they really enjoyed it!!! I'm so glad :)