Friday, April 10, 2009

Check Ups

All 3 of the kids went for their annual check ups today. Some may say I'm crazy for taking all of them at one time.But I would rather just make one trip to the doctor. I told Kain in the car he had to put a gown on and he busted out laughing. He said they don't make you put a gown on. Well as soon as we got in the back what did they put on the table? The Kain was not very happy about it either. Kain and Noah are perfect {health wise} according to Dr.Beavers.Kain is 52 inches...Yippee!!! He is FINALLY . Noah is 49 inches and Zoe is 47 inches. Zoe is growing like a weed. She is in the 98% percentile for height and weight. But she does have to go see Dr.Varn {eye doctor} next month. But in all everything went well:)
Posted by Picasa{This is really fuzzy because I took it with my phone.}


Anonymous said...

Thankfull all three are healthy...maybe not happy about the gown, though!! I love Kain's expression. Joye H

Alicia said...

Too cute!!!

Glad to hear that they have a clean bill of health!!!

Lisa said...

I always get so relieved to hear about a clean bill of health. They all look too cute in their gowns!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love those little cute!

Stephanie said...

Let me tell you I try to combine trips as much as I possibly can...there are months I feel like I live at our doctors office..especially with Allie if she's not feeling well!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has taken pics of the gowns in the doctors office...I did that with Lucas when he went for his 8 yr checkup