Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday soccer,scares and skating

This morning we got up bright and early. Everyone put on the uniforms and out the door we all went. Today is the first game of the soccer season. I am coaching Zoe's team again this year. Corey usually has to work on Saturdays but not right now.So Corey is going to be the assistant coach for Kain's team. I feel bad that neither of us are helping with Noah's team but we will next year! So for the next 7 Saturdays this is what we will be doing.

Zoe- Little Surge

Mrs.Summer and I with our team listening to the ref.

I love how her pig tails are almost standing up.

Posted by PicasaOn the way to her first goal!

Noah- The Crew

Noah is in the gray. He plays his heart out.

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Noah was having to stay in back to back quarters because we didn't have enough to sub with. It was getting really hot too. In the middle of a play Noah turns and starts walking towards me. He is a white as a ghost and holding his chest.I tried to talk to him but he couldn't breathe or talk. He fell down in the chair.At this point I am freaking out. He is really cold and looks really sick. His coach{coach is a nurse} came over and looked him over.We gave him Gatorade and put his feet up. So for the rest of the game he wasn't able to play. I guess he had gotten way too hot and almost passed out. I thought he was having a heat stroke. It really did scared me to death.

All his friends came over to check on him:)

Kain-The Charge

Posted by PicasaGrandma and Pop came to watch.

All 3 of kids played great games! After soccer we went and grabbed come lunch {at 1:30pm} at McDonald's. Then off we went to the skating rink for our friend Sierra's birthday!

We finally made it home around 4 and everyone fell in their beds.

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McCrakensx4 said...

Sounds like our days! But it looks as though everyone had a super fun time! Love the pics, great action shots! Glad Noah is OK, pretty scary...hope the rest of your season goes well!

He And Me + 3 said... are going to be super busy with all those Saturdays booked up. Love the action pictures. We had soccer today too. Only 2 games, Stunt Man is still too young.

Stephanie said...

Hope Noah is okay!!!

We spent the entire day at the baseball field and are exhausted tonight so I know how you feel. Hope you have a restful day tomorrow!

Rhonda said...

Oh my, I would have had a heart attack right there. So scary...
Now please tell me how you took pictures while you coached...did your sweet husband do that for you? ;) And I love the one of Kain - The Charge - it just totally fits the picture!!

Summer Laney said...

All your kids look like pro soccer players!! I especially love the one of Zoe with that nice looking UHAUL in the backgroud ;) Thanks for letting me help coach!!!

Amanda said...

Wow!! Such a busy day! Looks like you'll be having a fun filled summer!

God bless-