Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hollywild here we come!

Every few months Noah's teacher has something called the Breakfast Club.It is for kids that have had excellent behavior and completed all of the work. Noah has been invited to all of them. Ms.Richeson cooks breakfast for all the kids. I stuck my head in this morning and they were eating pancakes and pigs-n-a blanket.

Zoe's class went on a field trip to Hollywild Zoo Wednesday. Her partner was Kasey and me.

It must have been feeding time because this bear was pacing back and forth.

Posted by PicasaAll of these animals were waiting on food too.

The goats wanted in the picture too.

This is a Capybara and is the world's largest rodent. It was huge and it swims too. Could you imagine being in a lake and that thing popping up?

Then we went on a safari ride to feed all the wild animals.

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This Emu was right there waiting on some bread.

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OK see where the hair is shorter near the bow. The part that's sticking out? Well that use to be all one length but somebody cut their hair.I guess I am thankful that you really can't tell.But when you saw the picture of the pile didn't you think it would be bad?

She got to pet a Lama. The trainer said that lamas are a better pet than dogs or cats. You can potty train them in 2 days and they will ride in the back seat of your car. She wasn't kidding either.

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Alicia said...

What great zoo pictures, and how awesome about the teacher making breakfast for the kids!! How nice!

Oh..and I learned something new about llamas!! LOL

He And Me + 3 said...

How neat to have breakfast with the kids get to have lunch with the principal and their teachers. They love it.
Great Zoo pictures too. I was wondering about the hair. I am surprised you can't tell. But Yeah!

Jennifer said...

What a great incentive for Noah and his classmates, that is great... Stephen teacher is doing that w/ reading. If they read a certain amount of books then she is taking them to City Range. Stephen has bypass her goal like 3 times (the child LOVES to read)and he is so happy that he was the first on the list to go...

I love the zoo pic, you did a great job captureing everything. Zoe hair is no unnoticeable, like I said at least it was not her

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and I am so glad that you can't tell where Zoe "trimmed" her hair. We are taking the children's choir to Hollywild after our dress rehearsal on 5/2.(You'll get a letter Sunday.)But, I made a deal with the kids at Christmas if they would sing, I would do whatever they wanted me to do....I have to kiss an animal...should be interesting!! Joye H

Stephanie said...

Isn't hollywild so neat? It's so different from the other zoos and I actually like it better than Greenville! That breakfast was sooo cool!

snookmama said...

It's sad now that I can look at that picture of Zoe's hair and the first thing I think is "somebody didn't heat seal the ends of that ribbon!" :) Her hair is so pretty, she could wear it in a little mohawk and be cute.

Ginger Hines said...

I love the picture of the Emu...when I was pregnant with Ryan and Summer and the kids and Nana and I went for their Christmas lights it followed us around the entire feeding area.

Diana Sheriff said...

We'll have to looks fun! We've only been at Christmas to see the lights.

Rhonda said...

How funny that we were all "zooing" it the same day!! Looks like you enjoyed the animals - did you get to ride the bus and feed them?

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun field trip! And that is so cool that Noah's teacher makes breakfast..yummy! I am glad that you aren't able to tell with Zoe's hair, it looks cute in her bow!