Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday ~ He is Risen!!!

Remember those cookies I mentioned yesterday? Well I'm not sure the exact name but I like to call them the Easter tomb cookies. You can get the recipe here. You learn the story of Easter while baking.Plus the kids are really excited to see what happens to the cookies the next morning.

Kain is beating the pecans the way Jesus was beaten by the Roman soldiers after his arrest.

Noah is mixing up egg whites that represent the purity in God's eyes of those who sins have been cleansed by Jesus.

We read different bible verses too.

Posted by PicasaEach mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus was laid to rest.

Posted by PicasaThis morning when we woke up the kids were asking about the cookies. So we unsealed the oven and took them out. They took a bite and saw that the inside was empty just like the tomb Jesus was in!

Then they went to see what the Easter bunny had brought.

As you can see Zoe was very excited:)

Posted by PicasaThe preschool choir sang at 2 of the Easter services this morning.

Zoe is on the back row

She was making sure her Grandma and Pop were there

They were singing the "now I can see" from Amazing Grace

After a wonderful service about our Risen Saviour.We went to Corey's grandparents{Papa and Granny}for lunch. Granny is in her mid 80's but she always has lunch on Sunday for the family.

Posted by Picasa A few shots in their Easter clothes.

After we were stuffed from the delicious food. We decided to go to the movies. The kids have been begging to see Hannah Montana The Movie. So that is what we ended up watching.But I really liked the movie too.

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But through all the "fun" stuff we remember the sacrifice that Jesus gave for you and me. That his blood washed all of our sins away.That we are forgiven no matter what.That we don't have to be perfect.That we are never alone.That God loved us so much that he sent his only son to die for us.That the tomb was empty because my Jesus lives!!!


Jennifer said...

They did a wonderful job singing this morning. Love the pics with their Easter clothes. What a wonderful day...

Lisa said...

Very neat what you did with the cookies. What a great way to teach the kids. They look GREAT in their Easter clothes!!



McCrakensx4 said...

What a cool recipe! I will have to try that next year! And the pics are great...Love the matching boys shirts! And Zoe's dress is super cute! Glad you had a nice day! (and I want to see that movie too!) I am so glad that my savior is ALIVE!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looked great in their outfits! The children did a great job singing yesterday, what a great way to start off an awesome worship service! Joye H

He And Me + 3 said...

Your day was as full as ours...while celebrating the ressurection of our Savior. Beautiful post and pictures.

Rhonda said...

Wow, that's a busy day!! :) Love the pictures...about to steal a few...

Rhonda said...

Oh, and my cookies were NOT hollow! The kids were disappointed!! ;)