Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 9~ All about the Princess

The morning started out really wet! It was pouring as soon as we arrived at the Magic Kingdom. We all got soaked but we still tried to enjoy ourselves. All we have heard about is how great it is to see the fairies.So we decided we would go and wait.The line had been 60-78 minutes all week.At least in there we were not getting wet.We ended up waiting about a hour but I loved seeing Tinkerbell:) OK in this post you will not see a lot of the boys. For one they are tired of the picture taking. Also today the girls had appointments at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! They have been waiting all week for this.

I'm sure most you have read MckMama's blog and know about people submitting Stellan's name.Well we decided to give it a try! I think it turned out great.Thanks to Summer L the letters look great.Maybe she will pick ours to show on her blog:)

I just love this picture.They are our friends kids and it was their first trip to Disney.

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Zoe getting her make over!! She was just so happy about getting her hair,nails and make up done.She just kept grinning.

Of course since Zoe is dressed like Princess Ariel we had to go visit her...again.

Posted by PicasaAll of those beauty treatments will wear you

Good bye Magic Kingdom...see you next year:(

We went to 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian for dinner.It is a REALLY nice hotel where you can dine with Cinderella,Prince Charming and her step sisters.We were sitting in the common room in the middle of the hotel.When we here all of this screaming.We look and there are people fighting in the elevator! We couldn't believe it.One man was in a head lock and kids were in there too. We all couldn't believe it.

While we waited all the daughters danced with their daddies:)

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Prince Charming

Noah waltzing with Zoe

Princess Cinderella with Princess Zoe

We always kid Summer M about making this nose face.Well we found her!

We have had an awesome vacation with great friends.We have made memories that will last a lifetime.I just want to say thanks to Summer M for putting all the stuff together!

Keep the comments coming until Saturday at midnight.I will use to get a winner on Sunday! Thanks for watching us while we have been on vacation.


Tracy said...

I LOVE the princesses! THey look beautiful!
THat pic of Brynnand Addie HAS to be their Christmas card this year.! TOO CUTE! You guys be safe coming home!

Jennifer said...

I also agree that pic of Brynn & Addie is great it needs to be a Christmas card of Disney needs to buy it from you and use it as some sort of card there... All the princess are beautiful andthe one of Cory and Zoe is just to precious. I didn't get to see teh others for some reason they didn't open up on my computer. I can't believe you didn't get a picture of the Y'all have a safe trip coming home, thanks for taking us all to Disney w/ ya...

PS: once you get settle in you can help me plan my trip for next year since y'all know the ins and outs...

He And Me + 3 said...

Those were my favorite pictures so far...Zoe looks stunning! She is a real life princess. I love the black and white of your friends little ones with the Mickey ears on...priceless and should be submitted to a photo contest. That was awesome. The one of Zoe dancing with Daddy was so sweet & I think you did a great job on the Stellan picture too. Love the castle in the background! Your trip was perfect! Be safe coming home.

Stephanie said...

How awesome was that boutique...I had no idea that it was there....I am soooo taking Allie there when she gets older!!!

jkstrib said...

I agree too. Summer has to use the pic of Brynn and Addie for their Christmas card. You are great at capturing shots like that!I love the daddy and daughter dancing. Enjoy them...before you know it they will be dancing at their wedddings! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! I had fun!

Diana Sheriff said...

Zoe looked so cute as a princess! What a great experience! I'm glad ya'll had so much fun and I'm sure your sad to say goodbye...but ready to be home!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh, I love the princess pictures! And the boutique pics are just precious!! I am so glad you had a great time and I had so much fun living through your pictures!

McCrakensx4 said...

And I forgot to say how much i loved the pic for Stellan's name gallary! Well done!

McCrakensx4 said...

Hey...I have to tell you that I just blogged over from MckMamas and Stellan's Name Gallary and your Disney picture made it!! It looks great!! Congrats on an awesome photo! (again!)

Summer Martin said...

Please repost the picture of me with the sister. I can't see it on my computer. It is a must for my husband!!