Saturday, March 14, 2009

Race Day with a surprise ending

Weigh In

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her brothers were cheering for and she wasn't liking it

A little sibling rivalry

Zoe 3rd place for fastest car

Posted by PicasaKain 2ND place for longest distance

Noah's car was really fast!! He showed great sportsmanship!

Tonight we had a hot dog dinner and auction to raise money for the youth.They are going on a mission trip this summer and need a lot of money. Well I hadn't planned on bidding on anything. When Corey left to take the kids home he had mentioned that he would like to win tickets to see the Carolina Panthers. So Summer Martin and I decided that we would bid together and try to win these 2 tickets for our husbands. Well after a gift basket went for $310.00 I figured we were not going to get lucky. But when it was time I started bidding and got a little carried But we ended up winning!!! I have to say I think we are pretty good wives:)

Rhonda and Micheal won a trip to Florida ( sorry for cutting Micheal out)

Summer and I with our winning ticket!!!

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Stephanie said...

Oh that's so sweet!!!! Now you deserve some special treatment :)

I love the race pics..what a great activity for a rainy day!

He And Me + 3 said...

THat was so neat. That picture of Zoe was hysterical. That face was priceless. What a fun day. Way to go all of them!

Lisa said...

Zoe is cracking me up with that picture. She looks like she was telling them.... too funny!!

Sounds like you had a fun day.

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

OH fun!!! Sounds like a wonderful night for everyone!!

I used to love doing those races when I was a kid!!

Jennifer said...

Love all the pics.. Zoe pic was to funny you did a great job capturing that moment... Thank you and Summer for giving to the youth and I know Cory and Jamie are going to have a great time at the game...

McCrakensx4 said...

Congrats to the kids...I think they are all winners!!! And what fun for the hubbys..I heart football! And yes, you are a good wife!

snookmama said...

Thank you thank you! For coming, bidding, everything! :)