Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I know the weekend has flew by and it's Monday again. But might as well get a good laugh out of it. Check out MckMama's blog carnival and see what every one else had not been doing.

I did not write this last Sunday but decided not to post it last Monday because I want to post about the snow. Then I did not decide to save it just in case.I didn't get around to writing one this week.

I did not have to go to the doctors office 4 times last week. My kids have not been very sick. When we went back on Thursday the nurse did not stop in in the hall and say"your back again?"
Nope, my kids are always healthy and never miss 8 days of school due to sickness.

I did not leave home early Tuesday night before bible study just to get some peace and quite.I did not verbally say that before I left. My daughter did not then tell me a few days later she would just like some peace and quite too.

I was not in the checkout line with a buggy full at Wal-mart when the card reader said CARD DECLINED! I did not about lose it right there in the store. I did not call my hubby fuming about it. I did not make him go up to the bank on his lunch to see what the problem was. The bank did not say the WHOLE pin network at the bank would be down for 2 hours. Thus causing the declined card causing me to have to psychically go in to the bank to withdraw money.Go back to Wal-Mart get everything re rung again just so the lady would know that I did have the money to pay for it. No, anyone else would have just went to another Wal-Mart or forgot about the whole trip. It's not like the lady would remember me next time and say "Oh you're the lady who's card was declined" Because I'm sure that never happens at Wal-Mart

I did not have to take a Tylenol PM just to go to sleep while my hubby was away. I am not scared of the dark and all those creepy noises. I did not say to myself "Well at least if someone breaks in I'll be knocked out" Nope ,I am a strong woman and could defend our house if I had to.

We did not get 2 days off from school at the beginning of the week due to 6 inches of snow.Then we were not able to wear flip flops by the end of the week. No there is no way that in 7 days you can have snow and 75 degree weather!

We did not have a record breaking attendance at our new facility yesterday! We did not have over 1200 people hear God's word!


McCrakensx4 said...

AWESOME about the 1200 in attendance...God is good!! And the whole WalMart mortifing!! I would hate it if that ever happened and the whole not sleeping thing while hubby is away... yea that is me too. I usually sleep with the TV on! Have a fabulous day!

Jennifer said...

Been there and done the Wal-Mart thing.. I continue to try and tell the lady the money was surely there cause we just got paid. I was about in tears, didn't have a check with me after 5 mins of arguing w/ the lady and about to have a break down there I look at my card and realize I had not put the new one in my wallet but still had the old one that was expire... I did have a friend w/ me (which was embrassing)and she paid for it and I went to the house and got the new card went to the bank and pulled out the cash and gave it to her...

I have heard it was 1240 and 1290. Is that just not aweseome... God is Good all the time...

Are you going to Bible Study early this week. I need to get that form to you.

Anonymous said...

PTL 1200 that is awesome!!!! Ok, the whole walmart thing I know that was embarrassing but that has so happened to me before and it was during the time that the bank was closed.
Great not me's

Raising Olives said...

With you on the sick kids thing. We were very sick this year, I even did a whole Not Me! post on dealing with sick kids.

I really wanted to comment to say that I like your header verse.


He And Me + 3 said...

Hope those kiddos stay well for you the rest of the school year. That is too funny that your daughter said she needed some peace and quiet. I love it when they use our words against us. So funny. Awesome about your church attendance.

Rhonda said...

Well, I did NOT have a friend that went to work out and worked so hard she had to stop and throw up on the way home. Nope. Not me. ;)

Alicia said...

Stacy....amen about the 1200 in attendance!!!!!!

Oh..and the Wal Mart incident..I would have been totally annoyed at the bank too!!