Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Orchard

Corey was working all weekend so when Grandma and Pop mentioned they were going to pick apples we went with them. We usually do this every year.I wish Corey was able to go but he said to go and enjoy it. Last year because of the weather the apple crop was not that good. This year was totally different and it was wonderful. The weather was nice and the apples looked wonderful. It was nice going with my in-laws too. The kids love spending time with Grandma and Pop. So we headed to Stepp Orchards in Hendersonville. On the way there we made another pit stop. This place had pumpkins and you could feed some goats.

They had lots of nice pumpkins.
Zoe thought the lama was gonna eat her.

Grandma and Pop with the kids.

So after our stop we headed on over to the apple orchard. The kids were really excited about picking their own apples. So we grabbed the baskets and wagon and headed out.

Kain testing out his apple Noah was very picky when it came time to choose his apples but he found a perfect one.

Noah with his perfect apple.

Zoe just liked filling her basket up. She didn't care if they were rotten or were too small. She was loving it. And when I would tell her that was enough she would reply "They're not for you.I'm helping Pop."

Zoe with all her special apples.

We ended up picking a bushel of apples.I'm still not sure what we are going to do with them. Maybe I will be brave and try to make an apple pie or maybe not.After we loaded the bushel in the van we saw a sign for a corn maze. This was a really great maze and the best part was no extra fees!

Kain did get us lost a couple of times!

And then after we came out of the corn maze there was a sunflower maze. I can't say I've seen a maze with sunflowers in it.But it made some beautiful pictures.

They were getting tired of me taking pictures.
Zoe and Mama
I just thought this was very pretty!

After all of the excitement of the day we were ready to come home. The kids ran in telling Corey all of their stories of the day. I know he hates missing out on things.But he really enjoys hearing the kids tell it their way. So thank you Grandma and Pop for a wonderful day that the kids will never forget!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like so much fun! You'll have to tell me exactly where you went so we can go too!!
We missed you today at church. :)

Summer Laney said...

This sounds like so much fun! I love the picture of you and Zoe!

Stacy said...

You take 26 towards Hendersonville and get off on them Bat Cave exit.You will be going back towards Chimney Rock.The first place is on the left.You will see the big barn.Then Stepp's in 3 miles up on the right.

Corey worked Sunday and all the kids are getting colds.So I just decided to stay home.We won't be there next Sunday morning either.We are going to the beach.We miss yall too.