Thursday, December 25, 2008

100th Post and Christmas morning!!!

First I need to tell you that this is my 100th post! I Love my blog and reading everyone elses.
I hope to have many more.
Now on to the good stuff. I finally got in bed around midnight cause you know there's so much to get done. About 1:00 Zoe comes to my bed telling me that Santa has been to our house. She says she sees her pink bear. I tell her to go back to bed and we will see it in the morning. Well I fall back a sleep and it wasn't 30 minutes later Kain was in my room. "Mama,mama wake up Santa has came." Zoe had went in and woke up Noah who then went and woke up Kain. So at 1:30 this morning Corey and I crawl out of the bed to go and see what the big guy had brought.

He had eaten almost all of the cookies and had left the kids a note.

They must have been good because there were quite a few presents under the tree.

First we see what is in the stockings! Noah is so happy to just get crayons.

Zoe is dumping hers all out.

I just love the looks on their faces.

I think he is very happy.

This is the only thing she really asked for.

Yea...I got my art set.

Air Hogs helicopters sets . Those things have been flying around the house all morning.

Dance Dance Revolution

"This is what I have been waiting on my whole life"

"Do my lips look pretty?"

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Oh yeah!!!
The other day Kain was saying he wanted a MP3 player.Well Zoe said she wanted one too and Kain told her she was too young for it. So I was kidding and told Kain that he was also to young. "Mom I'm about to be 2 digit numbers!"( he will be 10 next week)

Oh did I forget to mention that I cook breakfast for the whole family Christmas morning? Everyone gets to my house around 7am. I started this tradition Kain's first Christmas. We have the same casserole too. It's sausage,eggs,grits and cheese all together. Yummy.

Everyone wanted to try the dancing mat out.

"I am now a mommy too!"

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This is daddy's job...undoing all the packages.

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Merry Christmas !!!!!


Lisa said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a GREAT Christmas even if you were up waaaay too early!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I thought 5:30 was early. Yikes. Merry Christmas! Santa really left alot, that is so sweet!

Alicia said...

Man, I thought 8am was too early! LOL

Looks like you all had a wonderful day!!!

Man, I want to get the DDR too!!