Monday, December 15, 2008

Not ME! Monday

Yes I know it's Monday again. Where does the weekends go? But maybe you can get a good laugh out of reading others Not Me's! So head over to MckMama'a and you might find something that will brighten your day!

I truly haven't thought about Not Me all week. I have just been to busy doing stuff. But I will try to remember some things.

On the was to Firehouse Subs after church last night. Noah did not say he wanted a hooker! My husband did not about die laughing. I finally found out what he was really trying to say. He wanted a Hook and Ladder sandwich from there. Hope he doesn't say that at school or church!

My daughter did not say she wanted to go back to that ABC store. Um honey we have never been to a liquor store. Oh I know what she is taking about. We shop at a consignment store in Boiling Springs. It is inside a strip mall and there is a ABC store on the end.

I am NOT turning 30 Saturday. Nope I am very young and 30 is still a long way off! No offense to the people that are 30!

My husband and I did not have a date night Friday. Well it was our anniversary! We did not have a blast at the Volunteer Banquet held at church! Then we did not go to see the movie Four Christmas!

Yes I know this is a lousy Not Me but I'm sure next week will be better!


Stephanie said...

I am on the floor over your sons sandwich. That is hilarious! Oh my!

Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Girl, hookers and ABC whats going on at your that is to funny, the things kids will say... Tyler use to say he was going to shoot big bucks and it sounded just like big butts it was embrassing sometimes to the people he said it to... You have a wonderful b'day Saturday can't wait to hear how you celebrate. You are still a baby, I will be 41 next month... YIKES!!!!!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

hooker...cracks me up!

Davisix said...

Not lousy at ALL....liquor stores and hookers...I was dying laughing! Great list and happy birthday soon. :) I'll be 38 soon so you get no sympathy from on the 30th birthday thing. ;) Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

Super funny. Your list was great. What sandwich was that again? LOL atleast you figured it out:)

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..your post was awesome!!

LOL about the hooker sandwich!!!!!!!!

Alicia said...

Oh yah....don't fret on being 30!! You are still a youngin'!!! I will be the big 4-0 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Martin said...

Reading the hooker story was just as funny as hearing it last night. I hope you have a great birthday!!

MamaBear said...

I have NOT gotten BrotherBear to say how many cats we have just to hear him say "two kitties" (Except he replaces his K's with T's)

Thanks for stopping by my blog - have a great week!