Monday, December 8, 2008

Not ME! Monday

Yes it's Monday again and it's time to spill my guts about things I have not done. Go check out MckMama at mycharmingkids for more laughs!

This week has been a rough one. What started out as our wonderful vacation turned into a nightmare( or to me it was).

I did not get all excited when I open my email. There was not a response from MckMama herself. I did not yell and tell my hubby !

I did not almost have a nervous break down when we were stranded in New York. I mean we were suppose to come home on Sunday. Who wouldn't like an extra day on vacation?

I did not have to take my son to the hospital in New Jersey and have to wait 9 hours.

I did not feel like a hillbilly when the DR asked what the word puny means? Then I did not come home and make sure it was really a word.

I did not have the other 2 kids eat out of a vending machine all day while we were at the hospital. I would never do that.

I did not start crying in the hallway when my cell phone died and I had no idea where my husband was. I mean just because I was in this huge city with a sick child , my car had broke down and I couldn't find my husband was no reason to break down. Nope I'm stronger than that.

I did not pay $30.00 just for a taxi ride 10 minutes away. That would be just crazy. I know what profession I need to be in now.

We did not drive all night to get home because we didn't want to stay in another hotel. Even though we were very sleepy. That would have been dangerous and I would never do that.

When we finally got home I did not go straight to bed and leave my poor husband up to watch the kids. He had not drove the whole way home except for 2 hours. And he was not very tired.

I did not call my MIL and ask her to cook us dinner because I was not functioning well.

I was not ( I really was) so thankful for all the prayers and thoughts of everyone for my family!

I did not just now start doing my Christmas shopping. Nope I always start early!


Lisa said...

I got a kick out of your surprise

He And Me + 3 said...

30.00 for a taxi ride. Oh yea, I am painting my van yellow as I type. LOL

Alicia said...


LOL..puny! Do they not use that word there? Is it a real word?

Stacy C. said...


I looked it up and it is a word. It means weak! That's what I was trying to tell him.

Julie said...

I called my mom when I got an email from MckMama and she could care less. They just don't get it! :)

So sorry about your week. Hopefully this one will be MUCH better!

LucieP said...

Are you freaking kidding me? The dr asked you what puny meant?! NJ must only be good for flying your babe ok?

Hope you have a nice day...sounds like you need to make a vacation make up!

Jennifer said...

Girl, that DR didn't have a clue if he ain't heard of puny.... and by the way I have a sign order for my mini van to make it into a taxi. With prices like that I can pay it off in a yr maybe 6

Lisa said...

Oh Stacy it was so nice to meet you I left an award at my blog for you but I see someone already got it to you.

Stephanie said...

I think I would have collapsed had I been in NYC by myself in a hospital with a sick kid and no car not knowing where my husband was...You're strong woman! :) Glad you're home and back on solid ground.