Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree

I went last night and got our tree. We usually have a artificial tree but 2 years ago the lights burnt out on it.So instead of trying to find the bad bulbs.I just threw it away. I said this year I was getting a new fake tree but we decided not to. We always put on white lights and have way too many ornaments. We always get a new one each year. And then the kids have alot of stuff they have made. But that's why I love it. So we have a variety tree. No theme here except for kids stuff. I usually put the tree up the week week in November. But since we have a real one we couldn't do that. Now we are officially ready for Christmas!

Noah loved looking at his old ornaments.

Zoe's favorite was the Princess one

Kain helped with the lights this year.

It was Noah's turn to put the Angel on.

We have had this on since we have been a family!

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Davisix said...

Awww, it looks beautiful!!! I love when the tree topper goes on. Ours is a ..... oops, can't tell you yet. ;) Ang

Stephanie said...

We have only done a real tree once and it was such a mess when we took it out that I said I would never do it again! They are very pretty though! You're officially ahead of me now :)of course I think everyone is!

Jennifer said...

Pretty tree, I am so jealous we have a fake one and we still don't have it up yet and have no clue when we are going to get it up... Hopefully sometime this week or next.

Alicia said...

It looks so pretty! We have to get ours this weekend!!

Summer Martin said...

You tree looks beautiful. I love the picture of Noah putting the topper on!

Amy B said...

Oh your tree is so pretty. Love the pics of the kids helping.