Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kitty Kat showcase


     This year Zoe is on the Kitty Kat competition cheer team at Carolina.This is our first year in the cheer world. There is so much to learn,but Zoe is having a blast. She couldn’t even do a cartwheel when we started ( 6 months ago),and now she almost has her back hand spring!  She has loved it so far,and we are just now getting into the competition season. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for mama ,but as long as she likes it we will stick with it. We leave tomorrow for Nashville to compete in the Opryland Cheer Nationals! Last week the gym did a showcase where family,and friends could come see the girls perform.Plus it gave the girls a chance to perform in front of a crowd.  The girls did so good,and it got all of us excited about the upcoming competitions!



I am not too thrilled about the make up they have to wear,but I do know that the bright lights really make you look washed out.






We looked out,and all the girls were praying! No one told them to they just wanted too. Zoe said they each took turns praying out loud:)









Let’s go Kitty Kats!!

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Alicia said...

Oh, how fun!!!!!!! Yay for Zoe!!!!!!

You must be busier than ever!!!!!