Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Y’all!!!
I am feeling much better after well deserving nap. Corey,and I stayed up until 12:30 am on Christmas Eve/ Christmas morning. At 2:00 am Zoe came in my room saying her tooth was about to come out. Needless to say she never went back to sleep. She laid in our bed tossing,and turning. Finally the alarm clock went off at 4:30 so we could shower,and start breakfast before the in-laws came over. Santa wrapped all of our presents this year,but I am sure he won’t be doing that again!

The kids we so excited to start unwrapping everything.  I love the excitement that they have waiting to see if they got that special gift. Zoe had hoped for a American Girl, Noah a bearded dragon ( yes a real one),and Kain wanted a Kindle. They had finished opening all the gifts,and Noah still didn’t have a bearded dragon. But wait….Santa had left a note in his stocking saying he had to leave one present upstairs:)


Christmas_Day_2011-4     Christmas_Day_2011-9

Christmas_Day_2011-10  Christmas_Day_2011-5
Christmas_Day_2011-11  Christmas_Day_2011-21



After a great morning we headed to church to celebrate our Savior’s birth! This was our first time going to church on Christmas,and it felt extra special. The kids got to go up with Pastor DJ,and give an offering to Lottie Moon. They also sang Happy Birthday Jesus! Before they gave the offering Zoe prayed in front of the WHOLE church. No fear in that girl,but mama felt like I was going to throw  we have had such a blessed Christmas,and have enjoyed spending it with family,and friends!


Well we actually made it through the Advent calendar. It was fun,and we did a lot of family things this Christmas. I am glad we stuck to it even on those long days when all we wanted to do was go to bed. We can look bad on some great memories. We will be doing it next year for sure!

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Alicia said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas!! I love the extra surprise upstairs!!!!

And I forgot to tell you that you look GREAT!!!!!!!!!