Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Books



As I said yesterday we had to do something different because of our afterschool activities.

I did something simple tonight since we got home so late.

We read Christmas books,and got a sweet treat:)

They kids loved reading the books,and they even wanted to take turns reading to all of us.


Advent_ Day1_2011-9


Advent_ Day1_2011-16


Advent_ Day1_2011-17


Advent_ Day1_2011-20


Advent_ Day1_2011-24


Advent_ Day1_2011-25


I caved. Those that know me well, know that  most of the time I cave to peer pressure.

I was tired of hearing all about the cute,and funny things everyone else was doing.

I had to get in on the action.

Someone came to our house today.

Advent_ Day1_2011-7

Yes, it was the Elf on the Shelf.

Zoe came in from school and didn’t even notice him sitting on the mantel. I mean he was on a reindeer right in front of her face. Noah came home about 15 minutes later,and first thing said, “WE GOT A ELF!” Then Zoe got super excited.We read the story tonight,and had to name him. We all put names in a cup,and drew one out.

Dad voted for Chuckles

Mom voted for Jeffery

Kain voted for Snicker Doodle

Noah voted for Bob

Zoe voted for Sam

And the winner is………..


Advent_ Day1_2011-13

So we are all looking forward to the mischief Snicker Doodle is going to get into:)


Allison Watson said...

What a beautiful mother you are Stacy! Your children will never forget these memories!

Rhonda said...

Stacy never caves!! :) It's so nice to see Kain smiling in pictures again!