Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Game Night





Tonight we had family game night. All of our board games are in the camper which is at Corey’s parents house. I had planned on buying a new game this afternoon,but ended up at the doctor with Kain. He hurt his foot on Saturday afternoon,and it just kept getting worse. The end result was a bad sprain,and this…



So we ended up playing the Wii.




Can you guess what game we played?

Advent_5_2011-7     Advent_5_2011-13     Advent_5_2011-14


Advent_5_2011-8     Advent_5_2011-11     Advent_5_2011-15

So when I was uploading these pictures of Zoe the last one caught my eye. Do you see Noah on the far right? I busted out laughing! This is so him:)


Advent_5_2011-9      Advent_5_2011-12      Advent_5_2011-16

If you see this blue shirt in numerous post it is because it is Kain’s favorite sleep shirt.


Snicker Doodle was being very mischievous last night. He decided the kids needed a new look:)



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