Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It’s ready to go!


Yay!!! Leigh was able to find her Advent calendar from last year,and she let me have it. It is sooo nice to have friends that are crafty:) The kids were getting excited when they saw me,and Corey hanging it up today. I have all the activities stuffed in each envelope ,but already made one slight change. Tomorrow we were going to to shopping for new Christmas PJ’s. Well, I forgot we have cheer,and wrestling which means we won’t be home until 8:00. So no PJ’s tomorrow,but I did replace it with something else.



Leigh said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! It looks AMAZiNG on your mantle. I know your photo editing skillz are the bomb, so maybe you lightened it up to make it all match, but SRSLY - this picture makes it look like it's perfect! YAY!

Stacy said...

Leigh,It does fit perfectly because I didn't do anything to the picture:) One day you REALLY need to do a craft class,and charge all our us non-crafters( I don't think that is even a word) to come!

Rhonda said...

Cute! :) Love your mantle!