Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving with Granny,and Pa Pa

We normally got to Corey’s grandparents on Thanksgiving,but with everyone scattered around we did it today. I love going to Granny,and Pa-Pa’s. I am closer to them than my own grandmother. I feel like I am going home when we visit which isn’t as often as it should be. When we all get together there are about 50-60 of us. I wasn’t able to stay but a few minutes because I had to go to work. Corey,and the kids stayed about all afternoon. The boys played football with their cousins, and Zoe hung out with the girls. Wish I could have stayed longer,but I am looking forward to Christmas down there. Of course they had the yummy traditional Thanksgiving food. My sweet husband made me a plate since I couldn’t eat before I left. My family never got together like Corey’s family so it is extra special to me.


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