Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Teen Years

Lately my soon to be teenager is just grumpy,and most of the time unpleasant to be around. I know this is a phase that will last a couple of years..lol. I know there is a sweet boy somewhere down inside there.It’s just hard to see right now:) Every once in a while I get a glimpse of the young man he is becoming.

Once they are in middle school it is hard to really keep up with what they are doing unless they tell you. Well Kain doesn’t really volunteer a lot of information about anything that goes on. I usually find out through a messaging system his school has or another parent tells me. Well this morning on the way to school he mentioned something about reading to a kid. Kain is not the best reader,and until this year he hasn’t enjoyed reading at all. Thankfully his awesome ELA teacher, Mrs. Brackett, has gotten him into reading,and he actually likes it! Well when he mentioned reading to a kid I thought it was kind of odd. I asked him who he read too,and he said he volunteered to go read in the special ed room every Monday. His “buddy” loves reading about Nascar so that is what Kain reads to him. He said that his friend would be upset if he found out Kain really didn’t like Nascar so he just pretends to like it. He would NEVER be that nice to his brother or sister,but that’s OK. I love that he looks forward to going every Monday to visit his friend,and I am sure his “buddy” loves to see him too.

My heart was so full this morning I almost cried ,but that would have been the end of him telling anything! Just when I think he isn’t getting anything from us, or at church he surprises his mama. I love that boy!


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