Friday, November 18, 2011

Being in Front

Everyone knows that I am not a fan of getting my picture taken. But I am all up for helping someone out even if it means getting in front of the camera. I have NEVER had a portrait by myself taken by a professional . I have only had my portrait taken 3 times…when we got married ( no individual ones), when Kain was a baby,and after we had Noah. I always have someone to block,and cover me.

My friend Elaine is an AWESOME photographer,and she was having a fundraiser to help someone go to Haiti. It was a Beautiful You Portrait Party. It sounded fun, she can work miracles with a camera,and it was helping someone go spread the gospel. I just had to do it since Elaine, and many many others have supported my trips. I had thought about canceling today,and just sending money because I was dreading getting in front of the camera. Then I got a text from Elaine saying she couldn’t wait to see me. So now I had to go!

When I arrived someone did my make up, and straightened my hair.We were told to wear a long sleeve black shirt,and it would basically be from the chest up. Then it was time to head downstairs to get shot ( it might as well been a gun the way I was feeling). I have never understood why people get so nervous when I take their pictures. Well I figured it out tonight! I thought I was going to throw up! I ended up having a blast,and I know she got an awesome shot! Now I have to wait to see the final result.

I am going to give Corey one of the pictures for our anniversary. Hope he likes it :)

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