Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Bowl 2011


  Our youth group, yes it is still hard for me to believe my baby is old enough, has a yearly tradition of having a Turkey Bowl.It’s a great way to get the youth group together for some good ole football! Everyone comes the day after Thanksgiving ready to play,and afterwards they get their grub on with left overs. This is Kain’s first year,and he BEGGED us to take him. I would have liked to stay home,but we caved. I am glad we went after all. It was a great way to see how they all interact. I pray that this group becomes Kain’s second family,and that he grows closer to God through them. Kain was the shortest out there. He was matched up against a giant with a beard or at least that is what Noah said ;)

  These pictures are from a distance because how embarrassing it is for 1. your mom to be the ONLY mom at the game, and 2. she brought a camera!



Kain is on the far right.






Kain is #11 ,but I am pretty sure you can pick him out:)





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