Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Look

I have spent a better part of the evening trying to get a new look on my blog. I really need the “PC for Dummies” book. I have no clue what I am doing,and about crashed my laptop in the process. I am hoping with all the work I have put in tonight that it will motivate me to blog. Yea, it probably won’t, but I have to think positive. I am not sure when I think I am going to have time to blog.

I am either running my kids around the world, working at the ELC, or shooting families ( with my camera). I am so thankful for all the business I get,but sometimes this mama is just plain tired! I feel like I haven’t stopped since well forever. I spent all summer raising money to go to Uganda. Which was live changing..Praise the Lord! I haven’t stopped since I got back either.

I am counting down until December 3. Why December 3rd? Because that is my LAST photo shoot….of this year anyway.

The kids are staying busy with cheer, wrestling,and band. I am trying to prepare myself for the crazy cheer schedule that is about to start. We will be traveling at least once a month starting in December. I am not sure who in their right mind thought having a cheer competition 4 days after Christmas was a great idea. Oh,and did I mention it is in NASHVILLE!! And during Kain’s birthday! So while I am exhausted from all the photo sessions, I am also very thankful that it is bringing in some money.

I have decided that blogging everyday is just not realistic, so I am going to try for at least once a week. But don’t hold me too it!

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