Monday, January 4, 2010

Pump it Up

Since Kain and Noah's birthdays are so close together they always share the big party.They have never complained about it and until they do this is what we are gonna do.They chose Pump it Up which is a place that is full of inflatables and a rock wall. I think this was probably the biggest turn out they have had for a party.Everyone had an awesome time too!

She made the boys get up so everyone could sing Happy Birthday to them.As you can see Kain is just mortified!

Noah will always stop and let mama take a picture:)

Zoe and B coming down the slide.

My b-i-l with my nephew.

I MADE Kain sit still while I took this one.
I had to have at least one at HIS party!

Corey giving Zoe a little push up the wall.

A group picture before we go into the party room.

Carolina Panthers cake!

Noah with one of his best buds!

Present time!!!

They received tons of gift cards and were very happy about that!

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What a blast!