Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Weather

The alert had been put out and all the milk in the county was gone.Everyone was getting prepared for the HUGE winter storm that was going to hit the Upstate.They {weathermen} had predicted up to 4 - 6 inches in our area.Well, once again most of us were letdown.

Luckily, we live north of 85.For some reason that is the line where the rain turns into snow.That road determines if you will get mud puddles or snowmen.Not sure why, but that's just how it always is.

We didn't get very much snow, but a lot of ice. As I am typing this {Saturday night} it has started snowing again. We have a very steep drive, and it is almost impossible to get out in winter weather. So it looks like we will be here all weekend.


The kids were ready to go out first thing this morning,but I made them wait. They
really don't care if it's ice or snow as long as they can pick it up.


We even got Lucy out in the snow/ice with us.


We broke out the infamous "sled" that we used last year.

You can look at this post to see what we used:)






Now this may sound crazy but I have always used the packaged hot chocolate.Well, I decided I wanted to try to make some "real" cocoa.Oh my gosh! I will never use that packaged stuff again.This cocoa was like drinking liquid chocolate.I'm sure it's not good for your waist line but who really cares on snow days:)




Around 7:30 I got a burst of energy and asked the kids if they wanted to go sledding.Well, of course they said yes! We found a great hill that was completely ice across the street.We all had a great time!









Tracy said...

Great! Any thoughts on when you will be posting for the 365 Project you signed up for, or do I need to remove you? :)

He & Me + 3 said...

So so cute. Love all the pictures. WE have a toybox lid like that in green. Fun

Alicia said...

Oh, how fun! I can't even imagine how it is to get snow right in front of your house! We get all weirded out when it rains hard! LOL

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny! OUr toy box lid is purple!! But we don't use it too sled, but very creative! I have the same Mickey mug...I love it cuz it's so big!

Stephanie said...

You got lots more than we did!!!! We got all sleet and it was messy as could be-the kids never even went outside.

Hope we can actually get some before winter is over.