Monday, June 21, 2010

Super busy Saturday

Saturday was a super busy day! The campground had a few planned father/kid activities that we didn’t want to miss. We also had things we wanted to do since this was our last full day. We started the day with the kids and Corey fishing.

Then they competed in the dad*kids events. They had to try and knock ping pong balls of bottles using a water gun, see who could get a ringer playing horseshoes (there were only 2 dads that got it and Corey was one of them), and then see who could sweep up the most balloons in 10 seconds.In the end Corey placed 2nd in the Dads and Noah 2nd in the kids. They walked away with $30.00 in store credit (which the kids already used).

After the games we headed back to the river for one last time. They have spent hours building dams. The kids were able to make Corey key chains and cards during the craft time.Later that evening we went to the ice cream social and played a few games of bingo.

Since I have cooked/fixed 3 meals a day since Saturday .We decided to go out for dinner. We found a yummy BBQ place in Black Mountain and right beside it was a great putt-putt place.

Boy, am I tired from our fun filled day! I’m sad that we head home tomorrow,but we leave again in 2 weeks for another 9 day vacation!!This time Corey will be with us the WHOLE time:)














Stephanie said...

How fun!!!!! You guys had an awesome week!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

That looks like an awesome time. Wow. How fun. Another vacation? Seriously, I want you to adopt me:) Congrats on the store credit and the wins too. Cool

McCrakensx4 said...

What a super fun week! (I just read through all of your posts...I have been a terrible commenter lately!) This seems to be the best summer ever! How fun with all the different stuff you are doing..pool, tubing, games, crafts, bingo...WOW! What a vacation! And congrats on the wins and gift cards! How fun! Loved your week of camping photos!

Alicia said...

I'm serious, Stacy, you and your family have the best vacations!!!!!!!!!!!