Thursday, September 9, 2010

River City Cafe

While we were at the beach ( there will be another post about that) we ate at one of our favorite places, River City Cafe. It is a really fun place for the kids, or at least my kids enjoy it. They have the best burgers around,and a very laid back atmosphere.


On every table there have a basket of peanuts. My kids LOVE some peanuts,but cracking them open are half the fun!



Then after they get them cracked you will never guess where they are suppose to throw the shells…..

On the FLOOR!!!!


You are even encouraged to write on anything and everything in the place! Of course Corey wrote “ the Crazy Cotheran’s 9-5-10”.




We couldn't wait for of food to get to the table,and of course we were NOT disappointed! I had a bacon cheeseburger…yummy!


A few of the kids got these HUGE chicken tenders.


Corey got a Pimento Cheeseburger. I am not a fan of pimento,but he said it was so good!


So if you are ever around a River City Cafe you really should try it! Good fun, great food,and VERY reasonable prices!


Alicia said...

Yum!!! Our families would get along just great!!!!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh my it wrong that I now want a big fat juicy burger at 9:35 am?! Looks and sounds like a fun family place!

He & Me + 3 said...

That does look like such a fun place. I would love to write our blog name on a table or wall. How fun. That food looks so yummy too.

Stephanie said...

Yum! My kids love when we go to Logan's Roadhouse because they get to throw the peanuts on the floor too - that is kinda cool for a kid I guess :) Heck I wish I could throw stuff on my floor at home.