Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 365/015-365/021




Sunday afternoon I happened to get on Facebook,and saw where our pastor had posted that Jim Bob Duggar would be speaking that night! I got really excited because Zoe,and I love their show 19 Kids and Counting. We were having a study on our role as a Christian,and politics. Jim Bob,and Michelle ( his wife) spoke about how they got involved in politics. Zoe was so excited to meet them. Four of their children came with them too. She made sure to get everyone’s autograph.






Monday night I met with my Life group,and we jumped into the book of James. There is a lot I can learn from this book!

When I got home from bible study Corey had cooked dinner. He made HOMEMADE chicken and dumplings. He kneaded the dough,and everything! I was VERY impressed.






All 3 kids did great on their report cards. Zoe is the only one who would let me take a picture.





Noah drew a portrait of me. Please tell me I really don’t look like ;)





I decided to get back in the coupon game,and thanks to my friend,Summer I have a lot of coupons.





Friday was awards day at Zoe,and Noah’s school. I had/have a lot of mommy guilt about not going:(   I only work 4 hours a day,and that is from 8:30-12:30. I feel bad to take the whole day off to go to awards. But I made them a promise that I would go the next 9 weeks. We are so proud of all of our children!


We were getting ready to go out for dinner on Friday night when I came across a picture on Facebook. A friend that lives,and ministers in Uganda had posted it. It literally made me sick at my stomach.


This orphan child was found in Northern Uganda,and is VERY malnourished. I felt so guilty,and ashamed that we were about to go have dinner while this child has been starving. They sent a team for him,and he is now in a hospital where they are trying to save his life. All I could think is that this could have been our sweet Charlotte  if the neighbors hadn’t have taken  her in.  My heart aches to go back to Uganda, and if God’s allows I will be going back in October.





My first week back in the coupon game,and I spent $45.00 at Publix. I don’t think I did too bad.


It’s never too late join in. Just visit Sara at Project 365.



sara said...

I am starting beth moore's new study on James in Feb.

yea for your kids!!!!

oh my word, that picture really is hard to see. Robyn posted about how much food we waste in America....and then to see this picture.

Lisa said...

Heart-wrenching to see that picture. We don't really have a good grip on reality here in the US.

Good job with the grades for the kids!

That is a crazy stack of coupons...its definitely a skill!

LuAnn said...

I watch the Dugger's too.
How exciting for the kids.

Congrates on the report card too.

Kim said...

Good job on the coupon savings!

It is always heart-breaking to see malnourished kids. Unfortunately in Uganda, superstition often manifests itself in starving children. When a parent dies, sometimes the local witch doctor will declare it is the child's fault and all nourishment is kept from the child. That's just one example... we saw others too. So sad!

Tell your kids congrats on the good grades!

Have a wonderful week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Chicken and Dumplings is a family favorite around our house.

Yea for good grades!

I just don't have the patience for coupons, however this past Thursday there was a HUGE coupon-ing seminar at out church and our whole family center was packed full of nearly 450 people all wanting to learn the ins and out of coupon-ing....I was shocked that there were so many!!!

I think as difficult as it is to see images like that it really helps us put into perspective just how fortunate we are verses how difficult it is for so many. Still pondering many things about all that wasted food.....


The Bug said...

I'm impressed with the couponing & the dumplings - yum!

You're right - it's so heartbreaking that we have so much & other people have so little...

skoots1mom said...

kudos for hubs cooking

heart-breaking pic of the little child.
coupons are too much for me...i use them sporadically

He & Me + 3 said...

I think you did great on your couponing adventure. My friend supplies me with coupons too. Congrats to Corey for making chicken and dumplings. YUM How cool that Zoe got her picture with Michelle. Very cool.