Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Noise We Will Never Forget

April 18th was Noah's first lax game of the rec league. It had poured the day before so the fields were will soaked. Noah absolutely loves lacrosse and I love watching him play. He had just scored a goal and was on a high. The next play he had the ball and went to turn away from the goal. I turned away to talk to a friend and I heard a scream. When I turned back around he was on the ground and the coaches were running onto the field. As Noah had went to turn away his foot planted in the ground and a player from the other team hit Noah. His body moved but his foot did not. I was worried but I stayed still because I have been told by him not to come on the field if he gets hurt. I was going to follow directions until I heard the coach scream, "Call the ambulance!". Even writing that makes me tear up. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I of course took off running to the field at that point. His ankle/leg was broken and he was in extreme pain. My heart broke because I have never seen him hurt so bad. By the time the ambulance came I had calmed down and so had he. Our dear friend Mr.Brad met us at the hospital and made things run much smoother and it made me feel much better to have someone we knew there.

  After two ambulance rides, two orthopedic offices, and two hospitals he finally had surgery on April 19th. They reset his ankle and placed 2 screws in there to keep it in place.

Noah couldn't put weight on his leg for 6 weeks then was transitioned over to a boot for an additional two weeks.

He was very excited about getting the boot because that meant he could take it off to go swimming!

We are finally released from the doctor but Noah is still having some issues with walking. He is really nervous about playing lacrosse again but he loves the games and will fight his way back!

I know a broke ankle/leg isn't a huge deal but for us it was. Thankfully none of my kids or myself have ever had a broken bone and I hope it never happens again.

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