Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dorman Lax Freshman Year

I wasn't really worried about Noah being accepted at a new school because he knew tons of people but I was worried about him joining a new lacrosse team. I had nothing to worry about! All those boys just took him in like he was always there. The Dorman JV had an amazing 2016 season going 15-1 and that included 2 tournament championships! Noah learned so much this year from Coach Price and Coach Neuder. Noah scored 24 regular season goals and 21 tournament goals. He set a goal to get 100 by the end of his senior year so we will see how that goes .  Noah was moved up to varsity for the last week of lax. He only got to practice twice and didn't get any play time but he was still happy about it. I never knew I could enjoy a sport so much! 

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