Monday, September 7, 2009

Clemson Football

My family are not huge football fans except for maybe Kain. I mean we can watch it but it is not something we plan to watch every week. But Kain really likes football especially Clemson! So Corey's boss gave him 4 tickets to the opening game of the season. They were in 2 different sections but it really didn't matter to us.Zoe stayed with grandma and pop that night and was very happy about that. The boys were really pumped and couldn't wait to get there. Well little did I know the work out that was in store for were directed by the state trooper into a parking area and then it began. I am NOT kidding when I say it took us 40 minutes to hike to the stadium! I thought I might die before we got there but we finally made it. It rained on us a little during the game but it felt so good!

waiting for the gates to open

Noah was excited since this was his first big game

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Corey and Kain sat 2 sections over and were up further than us

Kain came down and took our picture

This was Kain's second Clemson game

The team running down the hill. Have you ever saw so much orange?

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We knew it was gonna be a pretty good game or at least in our favor. When on the very first play the guy ran a 96 yard TD!!!! Now they were going for the field goal.

We had a great time despite the near death hike there and back! Did I even mention that I wore my flip flops? I don't know about everyone else but when mine get wet they are VERY slippery! I just knew I was gonna roll down that huge hill but I got Corey to walk in front of me just in case I did start since we parked so far away they did not have side walks so time I got back I had mud all over my feet. Oh the things we do for our babies:)


McCrakensx4 said...

Oh college football games are SO. MUCH. FUN.!! When we lived in MI, we had season tix to Michigan football and it was the BEST! Looks like so much fun, even if it was Clemson! (j/k!)

He & Me + 3 said...

I just love clemsons colors. Their uniforms are the best eva! College games are so much fun. Better than the pros...I think. Glad you made it back alive.
How cool you got free tickets.

Stephanie said...

Oh yes I know the flip flop pain..I did the same thing when we decided ona whim to walk around downtown through falls park. Pain!!!!!

Glad the boys had a good time though...although Zoe's idea sounds pretty fun to me :) because I have no idea what football is all about.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, all I could think of was the 40 min. walk to the stadium in flip flops!! You are a trooper! But, I'm sure it was well worth it!!

Natalie Kellett said...

Looks like some fun! Hope you guys are doing great!

Summer said...

Glad you guys had a good time!!!

Jennifer said...

Whoot Hoo.. GO TIGERS!!!!!! I knew those boys of yours were smart... LOVE all the orange... Glad to see what the picture looked like up close of the stands since I got the top part of it from the lake... Glad y'all had a fun time... Hate that about the walk there...Best part about football arrive early enough to park close enough and tailgate...

April said...

awwwww....GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!